First post!

My first post! Im still in KL, Malaysia while writing this, in my room, sweating in the hot weather and my aircond isnt working! Well, im not gonna write so much about my preparation, basically its gonna be nonsense in this very first sexy post! As those of you who are wondering what this blog is all about… its about my travel experience, where i will be cycling alone, from Litang (South China, well… not so south) all the way into Omsk, somewhere in the Central Siberian Plateau, Russia. Ill be flying to Chengdu nxt week on tuesday (11/5) and on wed morning (12/5) i will climb Mt Emei Shan, south of Chengdu. Uhh.. that mountain have been teasing me for months, and nxt week im gonna conquer that sexy mountain! Then, somewhere on the 18th, i will start pedaling from Litang, all the way into the Siberian Plateau!!… passing by great mountain range like the Himalaya, Karakoram, Altai and the Hindu Kush!

Nothing much for my preparation really. Ive been preparing this for my whole life, since the day i was born. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Even the smallest things.  Cycling under the hot sun and climbing hills everyday during my schooldays, problems that i encounter and many more things that ive done and experienced, happened for a reason. and now everything seems clear, i started to realized that those things happen because god is preparing me to undertake this tough journey, where im gonna cross the huge asia continent alone by cycling with the distance of 9000 kilometers at least.

Cycling mmmm….

Cycling uhmm, simply the best way to travel in my opinion. Flight is to get you from point A to point B. Travel by car, bus, train, hmmm….. i dont want to limit the experience of my travel journey just by watching the view from the glass window. Cycling, i  travel in a very slow phased, allowing me to enjoy the scenery, feel the sexy wind blows, smell the local air, listen to the local ambient sound.. hmmm… Also, i have freedom to go wherever i wanna go, which road to take, and anytime i want.

Why why why???

Im bored living the routine life. Really! Working hard for the whole month, getting paid at the end of the month, spend the money, pay all the bills, then continue working again for another month, and the cycle goes on and on and on for 12 times a year… to what end? So, i choose to do crazy things in my life. The way i look at it, in life, we have to choose between 2. Security and freedom. U can have only 1. I have chosen freedom thus i will lose the security. Compare a fish in a pond and a fish in the wild ocean. If u choose to be a fish in a pond, u will get security. Ppl will feed u every few hours, u dont need to worry as ure safe! But your world is limited. But if u choose to be the fish in the wild ocean, u have to hunt! or else, u die. Also be prepared to get eaten by bigger fish! But nonetheless, u have freedom, the ocean is yours, the world is your playground :)

And also, to me, living in this life without traveling and experiencing the world, is a wasted life. Theres a saying, “to live in this world without traveling the world, is like wandering in a great library without touching a book”, uhmm something like that. think i got it from 1 of the paulo coelho books… cant remember…

The Challenge?

Uhmmm….  the route i will be taking is simply the hardest cycling route in the world. Its mountainous, and i love being in high places. It wont be smooth and i will never underestimate the journey. Firstly, i definitely gonna face problems with those cute China officers especially when trying to sneak in the Tibetan province.  Altitude sickness in the Himalaya and the Tibetan Plateau, it will kill me if i take this lightly! Thinking about those deadly and sexy Tibetan wolves, uhhhh… Crossing borders between countries wont be as smooth, as this is not Europe. At the time of writing this, Kyber Pass, the gate into Afghanistan that leads to Kabul from Peshawar, Pakistan is currently close temporarily. Hmmm…. The alternative?… mmm there is another border crossing to Afghanistan in Chaman that leads to Kandahar, but its extremely dangerous and i dont think i will use this way to cross into Afghan. Even if i managed to cross the Wakhan Corridor in north afghan, the border along Afghan-Tajikistan, is heavily landmined… and those landmines are not sexy… so….

Halal Food? mmmmm…..

No idea, we’ll see. But i swear to god, if i were to starve to death, and i see a pig in front of me, uhhhh, that pig is gonna be very unlucky!… to be at the wrong place at the wrong time! hehe…

25 Comments on “First post!

  1. ALL THE BEST!! :D will meet you for tea at mamak when you back.

  2. dudee.. I am so STOKED for u mann. Been wanting to do this kind of thing on this level for years but never had the chance & opportunity to do so. To find a fellow mate who’s doing it all the wayy with not letting any binding commitments to hold em down is just pure awesome and liberating mann. U’ve inspired me more than u know bro. Will be following ur adventures wit much envy mann. maybe one day, we could join up and undergo a challenging & life changing trip of our own. Kudos bro.. my hats off to ya. Best wishes yo. ALL the bestt!!! word.

  3. Hey man, sounds damn adventurous! particularly the Afghan and Pakistan part – be careful man; be safe and take extra care ok! make sure you stock up with essential medications i.e for high altitude sickness. and of course, travelling underwear – you can toss them in bins once you’re done with them. haha! make sure you take lotsa pictures – i’ve been dreaming to go to Tibet but haven’t got the chance la. All the best and see ya!

  4. Tn Haji Zahariz! very excited to hear about your “sexy” journey. reminds me of the old days when we used to cycle to school everyday (not that it was sexy)!i still cycle but it’s only to work…not to conquer asia! great to know that a friend is on this journey and we’re very inspired. keep us posted! we will be reading your blog. take care on your journey. Salam.

  5. everything is sexy to you Dude. bring back sexy Khazastan chic

  6. Hi.. i baru bc paper pasal u.. wish u gud luck and all the best to you…. selamat pergi dan slamat pulang ok.. i will always follow ur progress.. ;)

  7. lawak dowh last part tu…!! pity dat pig oww..! LOL…btw,takecare all the way bro..may god bless u !

  8. Hi Zahariz, read your cycling trip in Malay Mail today. I really feel proud for you in overtaking this great chanllenge. Yes!!! Malaysia Boleh … Zahariz boleh!!! I could have join you on this trip if I know you earlier. I like the way you see life so differently as compared to most ppl nowaday.I share the same thought as you – FREEDOM like a wild fish in the OCEAN !!!

  9. zahariz.. i think u better try to do ironman first!! thats the way u will know ur limit… maybe it will be part of ur preperation… i just worried on ur body immunition since not being tested… by the way… i always support u with full of hope that u can do it!!

  10. aahhh will miss u hariz….
    take care yaaa….
    ngga sabar want to hear all ur story bout this experiance… =)

  11. yea that’s true…don’t be lazy to pray 5 times in a day…!!!!!!

  12. … cannot imagine ko dok kejar that unlucky pig.. huhu.. take picture as a bukti

  13. nice pics dude… Love the nature scenes… all the best and keep us all here posted…

  14. from ur father n mother. we’ve followed ur adventrous journey its very exciting n interesting. Hoping may ALLAH SWT bless u n enable to overcome obstacles n challenges. On behalf all of kariah Bukit Damasnara wishing u the best of luck n succesfull n save journey.

  15. Wah bro, envy U lah. Melayu take on conquering China? Bagus. Wish U all de best. Cikgu Goh

  16. Good luck Zahariz … from Zaharan! I’ll be starting my own cycling trip in China this September. Seems quite a few Malaysians are cycling there nowadays. The other being Meng …

  17. Hi zaharan. good to hear that ure cycling in china too. which route will u be taking? keep in mind after october it will be very cold… especially up north. i can give u some info if ure cycling the same route of mine.

    anyway zaharan… ur name is similar to me! 2 zaha cycling in china! :)

  18. Yep, the two Zahars! You can follow my cycling and other stories at crazyguyonabike, and Hope to see you on the road someday!

  19. “…..Even the smallest things. Cycling under the hot sun and climbing hills everyday during my schooldays, problems that i encounter and many more things that ive done and experienced, happened for a reason. and now everything seems clear, i started to realized that those things happen because god is preparing me to undertake this tough journey….”
    How true !!! I can’t agree more….Same goes for me here….all the hardness that I’ve to endure during my childhood & all the challenges that I had faced thru out my life makes me what I am today….Even though not as daring as u….but somehow, I might be the only or the very few Malay woman who dared to backpack alone. I hv been backpacking solo to Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and previously Nov – Dec 2010, I conquered 10 Central & Eastern Europe countries…yg negara2 bekas blok komunis tuu…all alone….and in really harsh winter some more…Previously, I backpacked to many other countries (in total 41 countries so far) with my son. Well, this thing is nothing for the westerners, or even the Japanese or Chinese, tp bagi org Melayu kita yg banyak sangat ‘ketakutan’ & ‘kebimbangan’nya…semua org kata I gila travel sorang2 diri…Someone introduced me to this blog after knowing I was backpacking alone then…and I am now half way reading yr blog…..setinggi2 tabik spring to you….siapa kata melayu tak boleh kan?

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