Ya’an… Lair of The Pandas!

Im now in ya’an town. weather is quite bad so i cant proceed. yea i was right… its the size of our seremban… but hell a lot of ppl!! its a very sexy town and u can find a lot of pandas here. According to the locals , pandas can only be found here Sichuan province in China. So me and the China boy, Hai Yang, went to see them about 10km away from ya’an centre. gosh this place is beautiful. Theres a beautiful gorge here, of course its not as good as the great Tiger Leaping Gorge down in Yunnan.

The Pandas mmmmm…
They remind me of my friend poppy lol! Theyre cute and lazy, only know how to sleep and eat! They sleep…. wake up then eat… then sleep again! LOL! Very exciting way to live a sexy life!!! Only difference is, these pandas can be found in china, but poppy can only be found in indonesia lol!  I guess i dont need to say much here, since i have many pics here.. and as we all know, a picture worth a thousand words? i have more than 10 pics here… so thats more than 10 000 words!!

poppy mellia

poppy tengah makan

poppy tengah tido

poppy atas pokok

poppy in action

poppy and her boyfriendsssssss....

6 Comments on “Ya’an… Lair of The Pandas!

  1. the pandas r so ‘sexy’ and cute but a bit dirty. u oso not bad, sexy pose in the pic.

  2. Za,,, hahahhaha poppy !!!
    Woooow so cute they are. I
    Really like panda because my ex
    (Hikkssss) he always go to china
    For volunters..
    Kamu gga biasanya sering di
    Photo (lol) hahaha

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