Luding, the town between the mountains…

When i first arrived here, i discovered that the only place to stay here in Luding is Luding Hotel. Theres no backpackers room here! Single room is 180 yuan and thats the cheapest. Gosh! Thats 90 ringgit our money! Then theres a couple, husband n wife saw me and start speaking mandarin to me. hehe i find it funny when they speak mandarin and i replied back in english.. but somehow we managed to understand each other. It happens a lot since im here in china.. its magical! They actually offered me to stay in their house, ah as usual, i took the opportunity. Staying in a hotel is comfortable, but wasting my money and i will get lonely. Im not gonna pay 180 yuan just to bath and sleep! Thats stupid! So i follow them to their house, theyre living in a flat, its dirty and… uhh… i should stop complaining…
When i reached their house, they have a son, at about 10-12 yrs old. He was excited to learn that Im gonna stay in their house for few days. I paid them 30 yuan a night. Since they let me stayed with them, I became an entertainer. I entertain them, teach their son some english, show them my travel pics. They were not so interested on China pics but instead they like it so much when i showed them pictures of KL, all around Malaysia and even Indonesia. Still, I find it funny, theyre speaking mandarin and i speak English, but somehow we understand each other. Hehe…
Luding mmmm….
Luding, is just a small town stucked between mountains. Been surrounded by mountains, this town is peaceful. But of course there are still a lot of spitting and honking here. This town is half Han Chinese and half Tibetan. Almost every shops and restaurants, there are both Mandarin and Tibetan writings. People here are friendly but dogs are everywhere.

5 Comments on “Luding, the town between the mountains…

  1. it has proven that body language is an international language. we stil can communicate altho v dunno other party’s language. the citizens in Luding seems like very relax.

  2. By reading ur blog, i get to know many cities and towns in China. Keep it up Hariz!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Killer!! Hahah. well done man. Jangan lupa ambik gambar dgn bendera yg ramai autographtu. Senang sikit nak apply darjah kebesaran nanti. Jgn risau support letter dari shaikh rahim Amirul settle. Am also in the midst of featuring your journey in brothers in racing website. Anyways, all the best bro and take care.

  4. eugene – hehe thx man i will! :)
    ridzuan – ahaaa… brothers in racing! my sponsor!! ah will do mate! memang pun… just that aku tgh tunggu tmpt yg sesuai nak kibar. maybe soon… real soon.. as im getting closer to tibet everyday! Apply darjah kebesaran tu utk apa? About sheikh raheem, wait till i reach pakistani border. aku akan sebarkan ajaran dia kat sana ahahaha. Eh i hope andy is following my progress too?

  5. I’m definitely following ur progress bro..great pics and updates..on the flag, aku rasa elok ko kibarkan setengah je pasal Sheikh Raheem dah conteng belah bawah bendera tu..dia mesti nak potong mood punya..anyways have fun bro..

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