Toughest ride today!

View from my window

The family who hosted me was very nice. The daughter even washed my clothes! Theyre nice people… but poor.  Imagine what i ate during my stay? Only plain white rice… yup… with nothing else. only white rice. i have no appetite but i have to eat anyway. Need energy for the tough ride today. Well im not complaining… they have been so nice to me.. its just that i feel worried, that i wont have energy for todays ride since ive no appetite. Ive been in the same situation years ago in Myanmar, but i took bus back then… this time.. im cycling. I think i need to pack a lot of snickers and milk next time. After saying good bye to them… i started my tough ride today…

the guy who hosted me

Toughest Ride Today!!!!

Today i cycled to Luding, 80km away. It was tough.. very tough, and i tell you… riding up to fraser hills is nothing… compared to this!  Again, i climbed 50km… but it was much tougher compared to my last ride. My last stop was 1105m of altitude, and i rode all the way up for 50km to 2300m of altitude! Started to ride at around 9.30 am, an hour after i had my bfast, and guess what… i took my first rest after 20 mins of riding lol! i was climbing all the way!  Plus, i couldnt find a good restaurant along the way, i only ate instant noodle for lunch lol! very sexy huh? Oh and this time… i gave up. for the first time, i pushed my bike haha. i think i did it like 4-5 times. :p

look at that... i cycled that road few mins ago... its going up up and up...

The Danger!!

Besides the tough climb, todays ride is dangerous. The road is narrow, so many buses and lorries passed by. Scary… and 1 hour of riding, i went to a tunnel, between 500-800 meters long, and it was so dark. Very the gelap gelita… very the scary and of course… very sexy!! I waited for a lorry to pass by, and i rode right behind the lorry… because i couldnt see a thing inside that tunnel. Crazy, i was just hoping the road isnt slippery, couldnt see the road.  Oh and that wasnt the only tunnel, after 50km of climbing the mountains with my bike… theres another one… a huuugeee one!! But luckily, this huge tunnel has lights. It wasnt dark.. but.. its 3km long!! I had no other choice… and i went through this tunnel…

view of the huge tunnel

inside the looonggg huge scary tunnel

Riding Under the  Ray of Light!

After this tunnel, theres another 2km of climbing, then, its downhill all the way! From 2300m altitude, i rode down another 30km to Luding, which sits at 1380m of altitude. It was so good that i dont need to pedal, time to rest my legs! I rode fast at about 50-60km/hr! The feeling was so good, after 8 hours of hardwork climbing mountains, this is my reward. Riding under the ray of light, with a breathtaking view, oh and the fresh air, i felt like im living my dream! even tho for a while. As i continue riding and watching the view, i didnt even bother to stop to take photographs. It will spoil the ride hehe. But then i think, oh okay, maybe 1, so that i would remember this ride forever. But the picture poorly describes my feelings while riding down the mountain.

The view after riding the huge tunnel, about 2300m of altitude

riding under the ray of light!

10 Comments on “Toughest ride today!

  1. sexy pics but where is the pic of the pretty gal who washed ur clothes?

  2. Altho its jst a plain rice, i think the owner has treated you the most expensive food that can find in his house. kne bersyukur!!!

  3. ah yes mate surely. i wasnt complaining actually.. i was glad. just that i dont have appetite coz im not used to it yet. so much of delicious food back in kl, now i need to train myself living with poor people!
    the daughter tak kasi i take her pic lah. she was with me when i wrote my blog yesterday, and she doesnt want her pic to be uploaded here. shes so malu.

  4. weiii.. mana aci tolak basikal.. anyway.. jaga2 masuk dalam tunnel2 yang the “very gelap gelita”… :).. You are so lucky to experience the living of the poor… I remember watching a japanese movie – Gaban Obaachan.. about a poor granny bringing up her grandson. She says being poor is actually something wealth. U do not to worry that your clothes get dirty… etc… Tapi kena ingat jugak, poorness may lead to “kekufuran”. So be thankful what you have and always pity the poor…

  5. love the pics taken :) its a great way to see life outside ur comfy zone. work hard!! im sure u can make it! :)

  6. abang za! what’s with you and the word sexy these days hahaha…macam all the post ada sexy being input in haha. ok, all the best in your jorney

  7. BEY – yeah.. we all should learn to stop complaining, be thankful and improve our life instead…
    jessica alba – hehe thx jessy jessy…
    vivien – eh vivien… u should use the new name i gave u. vivienitification. its sexier! :)

  8. We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard(tough)! Nothing is impossible, cause they are just difficult. I know you can make it. =) I am following you all the way. Stay sexy.. ^^

  9. bro..good stuff! keep up the good ride – and keep the awesome pics coming! make sure u get plenty of fluids and electrolytes. rice, snickers and milk good for energy but if u electrolytes deplete you may cramp up. keep inspiring the nation!

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