A Lazy Day in Litang…

good thing about being in a high place is, i feel like im the king of the world

punya la susah aku nak amik gambar ni... pasal tak bawak tripod

Being on the highland of Tibet, sitting at over 4000m altitude, made me feel so lazy hehe. just wanna slack around… feed my laziness :) i even had problem breathing after walking up the stairs when i arrived Litang. so to get used to the altitude.. i went for jogging, running fast then stop, breath, the speed up again, to train my stamina. Wanted to go jogging every morning, but im afraid of those tibetan dogs in the dark. Theyre very aggressive. So i jog in the evening instead, try to get used to the altitude. I think luck is just on my side, when i reached Litang, theres a guy asked me where i came from. i said malaysia. he then asked me wether im a muslim. i said yes. he then brought me to the only muslim restaurant in Litang. Wehehehe theres still a muslim restaurant in this tibetan town huh? nice :) I had my dinner there, and when i about to take my money to pay, the owner refused to take the money. He said, “Wo men, muslim, islam, same same, no pay”. I still tried to pay but he insist. Oh, how nice the hospitality here. I then said “xie xie, salam alaikum”, then i walked away. This never happen back in kl. I never care if i see muslims back in malaysia… hehe but here, i get excited when i see muslims as theyre excited when they see me too.

But here, even its sunny and blue sky everyday, its very cold.. even in summer. Its around 12c at daytime with the strong wind… brrrr… Very very dry… oh my skin is so damn dry now. Coming from humid and hot weather of Malaysia, surely i have a hard time here. But i dont see that as a problem. I see them as a training for me… to prepare myself the coldness of Siberian Plateau when i ride there few months from now, and also the very dry weather in Xinjiang province of China.

tibetan houses in litang

I met so many cyclists here! Amazing! Some of them are going north, some to the east to chengdu, some to tibet! met a couple from austria that plan to cycle to tibetan autonomous region, they cycle from here (Litang) to Batang, then tried to head to Marqam (thats my original route remember?), but failed lol! and had to go back to Litang haha. I told u… none can get thru now. so theyre now clueless, dont know where to go. Also i met a big group, mix of chinese, japanese and american that are going north towards qinghai too. So i might join them, will talk to them next time. Hmmm…

But this place is indeed amazing, exotic to me. Its like a wild west, cowboy town. Dont know why all these tibetans are wearing the cowboy hat. They look exactly like the burmese.. but bigger, a warrior look. Even the tibetan monastery, is a new experience to me. Seen it on movies, now i see them for real… with my own 2 eyes. I got lucky, when i arrived the monastery, they were about to start praying. I just sat at 1 corner and watch them praying from start to finish! Even while praying… they could still smile in front of my camera lense hehe. Its amazing hearing them chanting, then clapping, then chanting again.

aww very cute chinese muslim kid!

mamat ni memang cool. Selambe diaaaa je.....

2 Comments on “A Lazy Day in Litang…

  1. ^^ Amazing… They really have a small town there.. Not even every china people will going or visit there before.. They don look friendly actually.. =)

  2. I like the mountains and the blue blue sky in Tibet.
    All these while i tot all Tibetans are Buddhist and dun even know got Muslim in Tibet. It’s your rezeki to makan free in Tibet. Since the owner dun 1 to take your money, i would suggest you 2 help them basuh pinggan. Hehe. How’s the muslim food there?
    Hariz, go to get your hat quickly and take a pic with it.

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