A Day in Ganzi

Today is a rest day for me. My muscles, my whole body, my mind.. need a rest. Also today i need to get hygene. Took a nice hot shower today, feel so fresh! Washed all my clothes, my tent, my sleeping bag.. and my bike.
Nothing much to do here other than resting, since we were all so tired from the long ride against the ruthless weather for the past 4 days. Ganzi is a very small tibetan town, construction everywhere… polluted. Since we all reached this town, we all went on our own ways. Everybody needs privacy. I rented a cheap guesthouse not far from the mainroad, but we will all gather again tomorrow at 8 during breakfast at the mainroad before riding together again.
In the morning while heading for breakfast, i came across 2 hot tibetan girls, yes… seriously theyre hot. (sorry guys i didnt bring my camera that time… was just planning to go for bfast only). Only thing i know how to say in tibetan language is “tashi delek”, which means hello. And u know me well, being the naughty me… hehe… i simply say “heeeyyyy tashi delek girls!”. They smiled and i continue, “awww u two are so pretty… i love the both of uuuuuu!!!”. Suddenly 1 of them replied… “I love u tooo!!”. Eh?? Alamak they understand english! So i quickly walked away…. ehehehe…

me with happy tibetan monks

At lunchtime, i went to a tibetan restaurant. There were a group of tibetan monks having lunch there. And as usual me being sarcastic, went inside the restaurant, and saying out loud, “heyy… salam alaikum boys!”. A waitress came to me, and i said “wo yao che fan… and… niu row” (i want to eat rice and beef). Coz im not too sure wether i pronounce the word “niu row” correctly, i put both my fingers on top of my head and acted like a cow… making a cow sound. Everybody in the restaurant were laughing at me. Then i continued, “wo bu yao tzu row” (I dont want pork), and while saying the word “tzu row”, i acted like a pig making a pig sound. Now everybody in the restaurant were laughing louder. I really attracted attention. The monks then came to my table as they were curious at me. We then ended up taking a picture together, talking and laughing happily, even tho we dont have a clue what we were talking. Today was fun, maybe because im a bit hyper today, being so playful and attracted the locals attention along the street. hehe. Well i think its a good rest day today, as starting from tomorrow ill be riding along the chola mountains, its tough, gonna be very tough, as now im sitting at 3300m altitude, and the next town which is manigange, is at 4500m altitude. So im not sure when i can reach the next town. Till my next entry, zaijian!

8 Comments on “A Day in Ganzi

  1. as always..luv your story bro! you got talent there! keep it up! aku pun tak berani nak tegur anak org…mm power la lu..hahaha…take care man! never do the same mistake, ‘Always bring ur camera whereever you go…’ huhu..

  2. betul tu.. dont ever forget about your camera… Nak tgk gak the girls there… Jgn bolot sorang je bro…

  3. mmg kau kena bawak camera gi mana2 laa.. rugi nanti.. boleh share skali ngan kita org kat kl

  4. bro, you are still the killer…”ROOOOCKKK!” remember those days when Pn Azian had no response to your “ROOCK!”? anyway, good pictures bro and good to see you met some cycling companions. i think checking out those hot chicks made you hyper and gave you the energy…who cares about the rest?! ahaha..

  5. Salam bro,
    Try to read yr story every single page. Stop here now, tomorrow hv time continue. Ishaallah.

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