The Test…

view from 1 of the mountain pass at 4600m altitude. The peak of our mt kinabalu is 200m below me...

After a long hard ride thru the very remote area in China, now Im in a small town called Serxu. As for now i already cycled over 1000 km since I started this cycling journey! Its 1186 km now, which is similar the distance from singapore to surat thani in south thailand. But this time, I almost gave up riding. Only the first day of ride from Ganzi was good. We were riding thru beautiful endless field of flowers under the blue sky. Starting from the 2nd day, it was very… very tough! We had to go thru 4 mountain passes which sit at least at 4600m altitude. Some are dirt roads, and climbing dirt roads with fully loaded bike, while raining…. the road seems never ending. The past few days… weather was really bad. It was raining all the way, cycling thru a very remote area in china, where there is no towns… so we have to camp in the rain every night. It was really really cold.. especially for me… i remember at 1 point it was 4 celcius… raining… and strong wind. Even the mat sallehs were shivering. I then told my group, “U know… this kind of weather can easily kill a malay”. Everybody were laughing… they know that i hate the cold.

beautiful view from my camping site

And a few nights ago, it was raining really heavily, my tent and my sleeping bag got wet! I was so cold, couldnt sleep the whole night. I remember i was suffering the whole night because i was too cold, and it made me feel very tired to cycle the next day. I met a couple from Belgium going towards the opposite direction… they told me it has been 5 weeks they cycled under the very bad weather. And now they gave up. They just couldnt take it anymore.. they are going to cycle to Litang, then take bus to Chengdu and finally fly back to Belgium. Wow, even a mat salleh cant take it, but yea i understand… 5 weeks under the bad weather… surely they give up.

another view from my other camping site

Tibetan Dogs…

First of all, Im sorry to all of you dog lovers and animal lovers.. but tibetan dogs… theyre bastards. Theyre big, nasty, and annoying. They love chasing moving things. And theyre very passionate when it comes to chasing. I got chased soooo many times by these nasty dogs, until i can totally ignore them now. I still remember few days ago, there were like 6 big tibetan dogs were chasing me, i just kept riding. They kept on chasing me for quite a distance, until i said to myself, “Yeaaa if u bastards are strong enuff why dont u chase me all the way until Pakistan huh?” And there were 1 time, 1 dog chased me, bite my luggage so hard until my luggage fell! Oh… this dog crossed the line… my blood was stirring, i was really angry, got off my bike. This time.. it was me who chased the dog! With all my energy, i kicked the dog so hard, it almost died. I had a rambo knife with me, was so tempting to use it to kill the dog… but i knew that this dog has an owner. So i just leave the dog half dead.

Word Cup mmmm…..

Many ppl asked me about wether i can follow world cup while cycling. Well, I dont have antenna on my bike u know. And i dont bother to watch tv while enjoying this trip. Who needs tv when theres a real world to watch? :) Im not really a football fan, so its okay for me to miss the world cup. Those of u who know me personally, u know well i dont like watching football. But anyway, i hope Brazil will win! :) To me, nobody knows how to play football… except the brazilians! :) When watching other teams playing, its just like watching 20 sad guys running around the field like a chicken, chasing the ball, while another 2 sad guys guarding the goals. But when the brazilians are on the field, now… theres football :) Ehehehe…

3 Comments on “The Test…

  1. Be strong! Through your posts, I know that you don’t dwell long on the hardships and will surely persevere. May God watch over you.

  2. Ya I hate cold weather too, then wear few cloths. I know you will not give up. Omg..really bad dog.. =) Ya, you are not watching football, but you like Brazil.

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