Xining, the second China city for me after Chengdu…

After battling against the tibetan mountains, i finally won and reach Xining. Xining is awesome. Firstly… the girls… ohhh… jawdropping. I remember i came across a hot chinese muslim girl, beautiful eyes!! I was like an inch away from falling in love. Its dangerous to fall in love now huh… since it will stop me from cycling… and just stay here in Xining forever. Haha. Theres a pretty muslim girl wearing tudung… she works in a muslim restaurant. Her name is Aiwa. Oh yes… she made my heart melt… like… a… sugar syrup!!! Since i reached here in Xining.. ive been constantly eating at her place. Food is nice.. but the most importantly… i can spend time with her. Ehehehehe. Its so good that she doesnt understand me… so i could look directly at her eyes… and said “I know u dont understand me, but ure so damn pretty and u made my heart melt! If i can speak chinese i probably ask u out for a date”. She then looked at me…. puzzled… and just smiled. Hehe… thats 1 thing i love about traveling alone, i can do whatever.. say whatever to the locals… I never do this back in KL :)

Secondly, its the home of the Hui, chinese muslims. Thats sexyyy!! That means… a lot of halal restaurants available around… many mosques, so i dont have anymore excuse to skip prayers. Thirdly, bicycle shops!! Spent quite a lot doing minor repairs on my bike… did some modification to turn my bike into power! Added 2 more bottle cages, changed the handlebar, changed the back panniers, installed a front rack, got a new better meter computer, bought 4 extra tubes and some more repair tools. Now, my bike, is sexier than ever! Also, i bought a new tent, bigger, comfortable and stronger. I will stay few days here in Xining, so i will try to sell my old tent. Will find a single traveler and ask wether he wants to do some camping… so i can sell it cheap. Its not so strong, but at least its easy to setup. Maybe less than 5 minutes to set up the tent! Got myself a small stove, some cooking equipments… and plan to get some food soon. Oats, fruits, potatoes, any food that can give me power… so i can ride swift along the desert soon….

Preparing for The Dangerous Episode 3 mmmm…..

turning into powerrrr!!!!

Episode 3…. gonna be easy for the first 500km. From my research, ill be riding along the beautiful Qinghai Lake. Oh yes… that lake is beautiful… just like the chinese girls here in Xining :) But after that… i will ride along the dangerous Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang province. Oh trust me… its dangerous there! Its a no man’s land… the american rider warned me about it. He said… i need to carry a lot of water.. that means.. im gonna carry really really heavy luggage soon. And im scared now. That why i plan to stay long here in Xining…. need some time preparing… researching! Also i need some time to rest… get close to the locals.. and of course… the girls.. hehe. Then when im ready…. episode 3 will begin. As for now… im scared…

4 Comments on “Xining, the second China city for me after Chengdu…

  1. The girls seem to be prettier and sexier the further away you are from home, aren’t they! Hahaha!
    The lighting on the last photo of the man reading the Quran is very nice.

    All the best for Episode 3.

  2. ehehe thank you. yeaa…. i dont know… maybe im gonna get one soon… and ride together. haha

  3. Dude.. really envy you.. Just had the opportunity to check your blog out.. been with family and seminar the past 2 weeks… Insya allah I’ll do what you’re doing now… Take care cousin….

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