Riding Along the Qaidam Basin!

Another easy ride today, we started very late as it was raining early morning. We only departed from Wulan after lunch, at around 1.45. Very easy ride, we rode at around 25-30km per hour as it was flatroad and the wind was blowing on our direction, pushing us towards Delingha, the next town that we’re heading. My meter computer doesnt work now, as the battery died. So was just guessing, we rode only 4 hours today, and i think we covered somewhere around 60km or more today. We were riding fast as it was easy. The weather was hot today, at around 27-30 celcius. Easy for us, as Im from KL and Nancy from Guangzhou. We had no problem riding under the hot sun.

Camping in the middle of the desert
We stopped cycling  at around 6.30pm as we found a good place to camp. We then setup our tents, ate dinner and enjoyed coffee together while waiting for the sunset. Nancy then took a nap as she was tired and i sat outside my tent enjoying the magnificent view of the sunset in the desert. I felt so good and peaceful. Listening to my ipod while watching the incredible view with my own 2 eyes, Im really living my dream now. Far away from the tension city life, far from the noise of the heavy traffic back in KL, far from pollution and the acidic rain. I then woke Nancy up, to let her enjoy the sunset view too. She then went back to her tent to sleep early, while me writing this blog inside my tent. Tomorrow is another easy ride to Delingha, maybe some 30km away from here, as my meter computer isnt working now.

5 Comments on “Riding Along the Qaidam Basin!

  1. dude, no wonder you are incommunicado ..9000km on bike, that is impressive …take care bro .. take care of nancy too :p

  2. bro, keep on going bro! aku doakan semuanya terus selamat…! as always, luv ur story and of course your pics…! wish I can join those for the silk road tour, tapi duit pun tarak…minggu ni aku kat kangaroo country, as you said, maybe we can cycle thru this continent together haa…


  3. each time i read ur blogs i always imagine myself and my hubby making the same journey that you are making now. it would be great to leave the city for a while.

    just curious, when you come home, what are you going to do? after experiencing all this?

  4. hello ysl. tq for reading my blog n ur comments. hmm… thats a big question. ive been spending quite long in the mountains and remote areas now. I think im gonna have big problem adjusting back to the city lifestyle. And i dont know what to do when im back, i have nothing in kl, since i quit everything…
    what im thinking now is not to come back, since i never happy living in a city..

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