Delingha, the lonely town in the middle of the desert!

on my way to delingha (photo by nancy)

Many ppl asked me about how i can get internet connection here deep in the desert of the taklamakan. And how i can access FB from China? Ahaaa!!! Thats magic hey! I can do miracles u know… :)

packing up in the desert before riding another 70km to delingha

Im now in Delingha. I see no tourist here. Im the only one. From my research, this town is actually off limit to foreigners! It also says that the China Army have some missile launchers here but i never see one. This town is like a lonely town in the middle of nowhere. I cycled for 120km from the last town i stayed in Wulan, and during my journey it was nothing in between, just plain desert. And after this town, the next big town i know which is shown on the map is Dunhuang, some 465km from here. So this town is indeed, very lonely.. just like me…
Warm Welcome

one of my fan lol!

I felt so good. ppl here been treating me like a celebrity. while i was cycling, every cars and motorbikes were honking and waving at me as they passed. Some even stopped, came out from their car with a camera… to take photos with me. All restaurants i dropped by, the restaurant owner will talk to me and all their family members and everybody in the restaurant surrounded me…. looking at me and asking me a lot of questions.

I could see no more Tibetan prayer flags here. I see more mosques now. I couldnt hear “Tashi Delek” anymore. It has been replaced by “Salam Alaikum”. This town is as clean as Wulan. I never see anymore spitting here. Felt good, to me, this spitting culture like many place in China is disgusting. Like when i was in Luding more than a month ago, a saw a woman sitting enjoying her meal, and there was a guy pissing at the floor right next to her! And the woman just keep eating! Thank god i never see those things anymore since Im here in towns on northwest China.
The Success!

now... i can ride swift on the desert... with these!

After more than a week on my quest in search for oats, finally today, in Delingha town, I found it! Victorious on the battlefield, I found oats! Well, i got greedy, so i bought 2 big packets of oats! U know, when ure cycling around asia or around the world, whenever u find oats and water, the feeling is just like when u find minerals and vaspin gas when playing starcraft,  or when u find gold and lumber when ure playing warcraft. No oats and water, means Im dead in the desert, especially Taklamakan Desert. Know the meaning of taklamakan? It means “Go inside and u will never come out”. This desert Im crossing is deadly! Oats… theyre the best food supplies for cyclists! Rice is too heavy to carry especially when ure cycling. Oats, they give much more energy than rice, more power! That means i can pedal further. Mix it with milk… good source of protein! Now 1 thing I still worried.. is water. According to my map… Dunhuang is 465km from here. that might take 5 cycling days. Both me and Nancy need to consume a lot of water for that 5 days. How am I going to carry that much water huh? I wont let Nancy carry so heavy things, she will get tired easily. Now, its my responsibility to keep both of us alive… and kickin’!

got my computer meter fixed!

typical Hui Muslim woman

4 Comments on “Delingha, the lonely town in the middle of the desert!

  1. Makan oats, OK. Jangan sow wild oats dalam perjalanan, sudah! Hahahaha!

  2. omg, you really have to eat more. I can see your bone from your back.

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