Passing By An Unknown Town

For the first time since i started this cycling journey, i finally fell sick. its just a normal fever, but it stopped me from cycling for a few days. i was stucked for 4 days in Delingha. I felt that i was wasting too much time spending too long in Delingha, so on the 5th day, i told Nancy to continue our journey. It was a bad move for me, after we cycled for 60km, i felt so weak and cant continue. But somehow i got lucky, we found a small town that doesnt even exist on the map. I dont even know the name of this town. Suprisingly this tiny town have some restaurants and a few guesthouses. The guesthouses here are actually very bad. Maybe no tourists ever come here, the room i got was very dirty, uncomfortable, dusty and dont even have electricity. Doesnt matter, I should be thankful because at least theres a place for me to sleep and eat. I have my sleeping bag so theres no point to complain. I took another day rest here, waiting for my fever to totally heal. I guess i got sick because my body was shocked by the weather changes. It was very cold in Qinghai Lake, especially at night where the temperature dropped to 0 celcius sometimes. Then when i rode along the Qaidam Basin of the Taklamakan, the temperature changed drastically to 32-35 celcius. My body will get used to it, just need more time. It gonna be hotter soon once i reached Xinjiang Province, the weather there is over 40 celcius.

Everybody here is curious especially at me. When i reached this town, people surrounded me… touching my bike, touching my luggage, watching my every move. It reminds me when i took bus from Kengtung in Myanmar to the Thailand border years ago. Everybody in the bus kept on watching me without feeling bored. Well, now Im kinda used to it. This small town is very peaceful, quiet, far from pollution. People here are laidback and always smile. Its mixed of the Hui Muslims and the Mongols. It is just a one street town, maybe some 500m town. Its hot here and I look weird with my winter jacket, because im still sick and feeling cold now.

i see a lot of these since in Delingha. Outdoor snooker!

6 Comments on “Passing By An Unknown Town

  1. Hey za! the combination od blue sky and sun rise/set is amazing!!!!!
    tht village named ‘Huai tu’ village :) the name is on the rock in ur 1st pic :P

    i hope u r feeling better n take good care!

  2. bro, hope you get well soon, I’m still continue your story…hope she can take care of you this time around..hehehe… Good luck and really luv your pics…man!

  3. Really hope you will get well soon.. Worry you.. =) Yes, the photo is good..^^

  4. I pray that you will get well soon.
    The Chinese characters written on the roadside stone says the village name is Huaitucun & I can find it on Google Map which you may not be able to access in China. The characters are written in the simplified form & on your map it could be written in the traditional form as 懷圖村.
    I enjoy your travelogue & pictures. Thank you.

  5. ahh… thank you so much for the comments. ohh so its Huaitucun… nice name for a town :)

    yea… sunrise, sunset and even the nightsky is really beautiful and so different here… when u are at high altitude. Simply amazing!!!

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