The Desert Is Testing Me!

Todays ride, i got my 3rd flat tyre! The first one happened when i was on my way to Maniganja, and the second when i was riding with Nancy to Chaka from Qinghai Lake. The best thing was, all my repair tools were on Nancy’s bike. We did this because i want her to carry the light bags, and i carry all the heavy ones. When i stopped, she just passed by me and just ignore me completely when i told her to stop. Then, she kept on riding! I shouted at her… as loud as i can. And this girl, was so selamba, just kept riding! Alamak minah ni… i guess she was listening to her ipod la. Okay.. doesnt matter. I have a spare tube on my front bag and an airpump on my bike. But it gonna be tough without all the tools… so i have to use my fingers. Awww… sexyy!!!

aku dah la tgh demam, panas pulak tu, haram betul la paku ni. But wait.... do i look sexy??


So there u go! In the middle of nowhere, under the extremely hot sun, i have to change the tube without my tools. Nice! It took me a long time, because i have to take off all the luggage first, then change the tube, and assemble all the luggage again on my bike. Took me at least 25 mins to do that. Plus im still a bit sick, i still continue my ride today because im so lazy to layan the demam. Finally after Im almost done, a chinese rider with a cute scooter, fancy helmet and a fancy jacket suddenly stopped by. I thought he gonna help me out… but actually… he just asked me where i started my ride… and where im going. Then… he took some pictures with me, again and again. I guess he took more than 10 pics with me… with different kind of pose each picture! This dude is funny. He speaks a little english. And without offering any help… he finally went back to his scooter… and said, Jia you Malaysia! Then he went off. Hehe.. funny guy.

We did only 75km today. It was kinda tough… at least for me. Im not fully recover yet. And the first 50km of our ride today…. was evil! It was a long climb! I didnt expect that. From 2845m altitude from our last stop, we went as high as 3710m altitude thru that 50km long! After that it was downhill all the way until 3240m altitude at where we are camping now. But only the first 15km was good. After that… the wind was so strong blowing against our direction, slowed us down and we had to pedal hard even tho it was downhill. So after 75km ride, we found a nice spot to camp, we were hungry, and it is time to feast some oats! :)

3 Comments on “The Desert Is Testing Me!

  1. Bro how are you? Sick? Panadol tak bawak ke? BTW nice tent!!! Oranje Nancy punya ka??

    So nancy be accompanying you till where?? Bring her back to Malaysia laaa

  2. panadol versi china x kuat kat badan ke?.. demam x baik2 dari hari tu…

  3. i never let even a single panadol to go in my mouth. I dont want my body to depend on it. I think the last time i ate panadol was when i was 16… i let my body fight the sickness by itself.

    azmil – ya… oranje tent is nancy’s. it was mine before… but i gave it to her and bought the blue one. its too small for me anyway. Nancy said she will ride with me until Urumqi, thats another 1300km from where we are at now.

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