2 days in Dachaidan (16 July ’10)

Believe it or not, im still sick now and Im resting in a small lonely town in the desert called Dachaidan. And i just got some info that when ure at high altitude, its hard to recover once u get sick. Ahhh… no wonder. Usually it takes me 4-5 days to recover from fever if i never take any medicine. But this time its longer… a week already and im still sick. Doesnt matter.. its not too bad. My body temperature is okay, just that im coughing so badly and its annoying. So we took a 2 days rest in Dachaidan, before cycling another 340km to Dunhuang, the Silk Road Oasis Town.

This town is small, but perfect for me. I always like this kind of places, its quiet, beautiful, not so many ppl and life is slow here, remind me of my days in New Zealand. Everywhere u walk in this town, u will see a giant snow mountain range nearby. I was so tempted to climb the mountain, its not so high, probably will take me less than 1 hour to get to the top. But i was still sick and need to rest so i can recover faster, so i just watch the mountain, teased by its beauty. The sky is soooo… blue here. Very hot and dry here. In the evening i went out to take some photos, and saw a very nice sunset, very blue sky and very orange clouds. I guess, when ure at high altitude like this place, its heaven for photographers. I just couldnt stop snapping pictures!
And here… majority are Hui muslims. Went to a mosque for friday prayers, i felt like im praying in Malaysia, so many muslims attended the friday prayer and the mosque is full, just like in Malaysia! Plus, the funny part was, i saw a chinese muslim guy, look a lot like malay, dark skin with a malay face! I even teased him, speaking malay to him and called him “Pakcik”. He doesnt understand me so i just say “eh pakcik, kau sesat ke kat north china ni?” Then he just replied back while smiling.. “ahhh… hao hao hao!”. LOL!

3 Comments on “2 days in Dachaidan (16 July ’10)

  1. Ah.. If you really don want to take medicine please do drink more water.. Make sure you do. Pity the Pakcik.. =.=!

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