3 Flat Tyre In A Day! (18 July ’10)

Todays ride was very short for me. We did only 55km today as i had 3 flat tyre today! Luckily i bought 5 tubes in total when i was in Xining! We were climbing for 15km at first before we found a place to rest and lunch. Took an hour rest, then climbed another 15km before i had my first puncture. Changed to a new tube, cycled again only for few more kilometres before i discover that the back tyre was flatten again! I was so pissed because i was so tired and my hands were so painful because the skin is so dry! I didnt change to a new tube, but just repair it because i was so tired and decided to change the tube once we find a place to camp. After done repairing, we then climbed all the way to the top (we were cycling to a mountain pass at 3560m altitude).Once i reached the top, Nancy was so far behind i couldnt see her so i just stop there to wait for her. While i was taking a rest, I was shocked to see my back tyre was flatten again! Arghh…. i then changed to another new tube, and i was so angry while changing it, blaming the road hehehe. After that it was an easy ride. We rode some 15km down from 3560m altitude to some 3100m altitude before we discovered a few restaurants along the roadside. We then took dinner there and camped nearby.

9 Comments on “3 Flat Tyre In A Day! (18 July ’10)

  1. dude… checking your blog after few weeks… Tak sempat.. ada keje2 lain.. Looks you’re doing great as usual. Keep it up.. Love all your pictures.. and stories…

  2. From the exif of the photos, you are using a Canon 550D & CS4. What lenses are you carrying with you? What bag are you using to carry those items plus a laptop?
    You are a real tough guy, refraining from medication although you are sick. I salute you & pray you will recover fast. Stay healthy & enjoy your adventure.

  3. Dude, check your tube quality or else should be the tyre that simply shorten the tube’s life

  4. Come on brother killer.. Make plaza boyz proud!! Hahahahhahahaha.. Alhamdullilah syukur kau masih selamat..

  5. zulsim – yes, using 550d but im still new to canon… dont know how to use it properly yet. was a nikon user all these while. i use only kit lense 18-135. i have another 50mm f1.8 but never use it haha. 18-135 works well for me. Better lense means bigger and heavier… cant afford that due to cycling. i use only normal 55+10 litre backpack to store my laptop between my clothes. my camera is on the front pannier. thank you… i already recover now and rode some 100km yesterday :)

    faz_har – ya i guess its the tyre. but theres no proper bicycle shop here u know… for at least another 1000km from here. im worried.. 1 extra tube left now…

    hafez & jazlan – dont worry brothers… we plaza boys are nasty!

  6. as always bro, u pics is really awesome..luv the sun ray..did u use filter for that?

    u take care bro… I’ll pray u’ll be OK all the way!!!

  7. hey afidie…
    thank you… but no i didnt use any filters. Im carrying very basic camera due to cycling. no fancy stuff. but the technique im using is vertorama. guess u should know better :)

  8. Wow! What an inspirational blog & a great travel! Thanks for sharing the wonderful stories & not to mention the great photos! Bravo bro!

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