Passing by a Dead Town (17 July ’10)

I feel so good here. I feel like a celebrity cycling here in northern China. Everybody is curious and want to take photographs with me. The locals, tourists, construction workers, road builders, bikers, police, China army…. u name it! There was 1 time that i was shocked because a police car passed by and ask me to stop. I thought they wanna stop me because i do something wrong, but they stopped me just because they want to be photographed with me! I dont really mind when ppl stopped me from cycling, because Nancy was far behind me and i have to wait for her anyway.

After like 2 days cycling in the desert, we were happy to find out theres a town some 40km ahead. We then cycled fast to the town, hoping to get some food and water supply. When we saw the town from far, our hope went to the drain when we discovered that the town is nothing more than just a dead… abandon town. It looks scary like a haunted town. Looks exactly like a movie, where this town looks like a town that just got attacked by some deadly earthquake or something. The buildings were destroyed, really look abandoned. Suddenly we saw 2 ghosts! We rode to them and discovered that they were actually humans! I seriously dont know what are they doing here, but thank god they have food so we had some instant noodle and water. Took a rest there for nearly 2 hours before we rode another 30km to a campsite.

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