A Lazy Day in an Unknown Town

We planned to have a long ride towards Shanshan, some 300km away from Kumul. But it only ended up some 90km. I rode to a small town… dont even know the name of this town and it doesnt show on my map. Waited nearly 2 hours for Nancy here… and i became worried already since my phone doesnt work and i cant call her to ask her where is she and what happened. After nearly 2 hours of waiting suddenly i saw her.. riding very slowly and she looked tired. She stopped few times during the ride, because she suddenly felt so tired. We then decided to take a day rest in this small unknown town.

Its a good thing that we took a rest here. Nancy felt very tired and i felt so lazy to cycle today. Probably the weather, i did nothing except eat and sleep… and yea… they have ice cream here so i ate total of 7 ice cream today hehe. Good thing they have a small supermarket here so i bought some food for camping. We need to camp because after this town, theres nothing for at least another 200km. so we will cycle some 100km tomorrow under the hot sun, camp a night in the desert, and do another 100 before reaching the next town available. It is cloudy the whole day today but during sunset, the sky is so clear and the sky color is amazing. Its heaven for photographers here. I then discuss this with Nancy, we dont know why, but the sunset here in northern china is always… amazing. Its beautiful almost every sunset, and i just cant stop snapping pictures. The place i stayed here is full of lorry drivers. Guess its a rest place for them after a long journey of driving. We are the only cyclists here, the rest are all lorry drivers…

sunset in this unknown town

7 Comments on “A Lazy Day in an Unknown Town

  1. since u’ll be waiting if you arrive at a town earlier anyway, why not ride with her at her pace? more fun if there is someone to keep you accompanied.
    how much do they charge for lodging there a night?


  2. its 10 yuan a night here. similar to our 5 ringgit. we got lucky because its cheap and they even have hot shower here! amazing huh? :)
    and no.. i cant follow her pace. ill get much tired if i follow her speed. just like when u walk for 5 hours following a speed of a 70 yrs old man… somehow u get tired…

  3. well, it is a photog heaven huh?! great pics as always…. take care bro!

  4. salam hariz, ni caknai ni,….wah respect lah ko ni,
    dh smpai tahp ni,betol2 mental torture jgk ye,
    org umah aku dh brsalin dh….dpt bby gurl,
    aku ingt nk bg die jd power cm ko jgk ler..
    take care bro………smoga allah mrahmati prjalanan ko. amin.

  5. afidie – hehe yea bro. i just cant stop snapping here man…

    canai – bro! wahh… congrats. teringin aku nak makan roti canai bila tgk comment ko. hehe. wah good good. dah kasi nama blum? dah naik pangkat jadi ayah la ko skang eh. still active badminton lagi?

  6. dah …nama die NUR AISYAH DAMIA,

  7. kisah abang buat saya nak keluar dari zon selesa saya tanpa ragu2.

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