A Taste of Communism? Hate those police!!

The ride along the Tian Shan mountains was simply… marvelous. Uhh.. i couldnt think of any better word to describe the ride. Sorry i couldnt share the experience with u guys, the best i could do is to share it in form of writing and photos. The road was bad and dangerous, so theres almost no vehicles passing by this road we were riding. The road was ours for the whole day, quiet, we only heard the sound of nature, water from the river, the cold siberian wind and birds. Riding under the clear blue sky, sunny day with the tailwind blowing from the north made our ride pleasant. We rode fast because it was mostly downhill and we felt like flying with our bikes, the eagles led us, enjoying the view, listening to our favourite music once in a while, taking a good nap by the river… feels like heaven! Tian Shan ride is definitely better than Tibet, in my opinion.

Sadly, the beautiful day didnt last long. We found a town called Baluntai where it was guarded by army and police. 1 of the police were friendly to me, showing me the direction to the nearest guesthouse. Had a late lunch and took a good rest. Pascal went to internet shop to check emails, i stayed in the guesthouse to rest. Few mins later, Pascal came back with a horrible looking guy in a blue uniform! My ass looks better than him! (sorry for my language but its actually true!)  He then explained to us that this is army town, and foreigners are forbidden here. Okay fine, we didnt know, we’ll leave the tmr morning. But he didnt allow us, he wanted us to leave right now!!! I told him its impossible, its already 7.30 pm, its getting darker and its cold outside! Its above 3000m altitude, snowing at night, and u expected us to cycle in the dark and camp during the snowstorm?!?! All he said was im sorry but u have no other choice but to leave now! Both me and pascal started to get angry and we had a serious argument with the police. U police should protect people, not sending them to death! U expect us to ride dangerously at night in these mountains, and camp with below zero celcius? This is unexpected and we are not prepared to camp tonight… ure sending us to death! We are tired now and please be more human, let us stay a night here! We need a rest, then we will get our ass back on our bike and start riding away from this horrible place early tomorrow morning!! But the animal in uniform was inhuman, he didnt care about us, and told us to move to the next town called Henjing. “Oh its not so far its only 80km away. And yes u could rest there, foreigners are allowed there.” Eh, what was he thinking? Only 80km away? We are on bicycle. 80km will take us at least 3 hours to reach “if” the road is good. We had no other choice but to leave the town, and for the first time for me in China, i had to take bus to get to Henjing. During our bus ride, i was sad looking at the marvelous view from the window, and many times i told Pascal, “Dude, look, we should have camped there if we are on our bike now!” But nothing we could do, we were inside the tedious bus ride.

just a little.. urmm.. tired…

It was late at night when we reached this town and we had hard time seeking shelter. We were tired, sleepy and had little energy to pedal. It was another problem finding accomodation here, most guesthouse here dont accept foreigners. We kept finding and it was tough, none of us speak chinese and most of these people are not used to foreigners, so they dont even know how to read our passport. After few times trying, we tried just 1 last guesthouse, if it doesnt allow us in, we will find somewhere quiet and camp. Lucky us, this last guesthouse allowed us in. At least we could smile a bit, a tired smile. The next morning while walking around town, another group of police came to us, and same thing happened!! They told us no, we couldnt stay in this town, its forbidden for foreigners! Again!!! Where was the warning hah? Whats up with all these not allowing foreigners in? Do u have some kind of a nuclear weapon here or what??? And told us to move to Baluntai right now! I then explained to the police with my little mandarin, that the police in Baluntai said that foreigners are allowed here and they sent us here! These Henjing police then told me that maybe that Baluntai police doesnt know that even Henjing doesnt allow foreigners. And they told us to ride back to Baluntai and stay a night there. They said that Baluntai isnt a problem, they accept foreigners. Oh wow.. sweet! You china police are so consistent! Baluntai police sent us to Henjing, then Henjing police wanna send us to Baluntai. Whats wrong with all of you, boys in blue???

Sorry for being rude with my words, but i think i should express my feelings now at the time of writing this. Those police are heartless, wearing that blue uniform really turned them arrogant. Bunch of animals in uniforms! When they smiled at us, its a fake smile. Theyre giving us problems but without solutions. They were rude, and they think wearing that blue uniform and holding the police identity card makes them untouchables. Bastards! We already explained to them what happened, but theyre so arrogant to understand us. Heartless people… useless… brainless… I dont see the difference between people who have no brain and animals. Same categories. Now, i really dont have the mood to continue my ride here in China. Im sorry to all of you cyclists out there who are reading this, but now, finally, i will hitchhike. Im hiding here in my guesthouse the whole day  today for the necessary rest, and early tomorrow morning we will ride in the wild again.. and for me… i will seek help from lorry drivers, or trucks to send me close to the border… then will only ride again once i passed Kazakhstan soil. For Pascal, he will try to hitchhike to Turpan or Dunhuang or Urumqi, whichever easier for him, and he will get to Holland embassy to complain about these police. He even took the police ID card number so that he could do something about it once he reach big city. As for me, i will try to email Hu Jintao. Hehe.. maybe its hujintao@gmail.com? or h.jintao@gmail.com? or hujintao@yahoo.com? or maybe hujintao@qq.com… whatever.. i will try :) My first plan is now to hitchhike all the way to the border, if i couldnt do it, then i will sneak through the mountains, escaping those nasty boys in blue. Now, i rather face wolves rather than cops. Wolves are better, theyre sexier, at least theyre not wearing those horrible uniforms. So if you guys dont hear anything from me for the next few days, dont worry, because up there in the mountains, and unlike Tibet, internet connection is hard to get in Tian Shan mountains. This might be my last post about biking in China. My next post will likely be, a new adventure… hitch hiking in China! :) Again, im sorry for my rude words in this post… Salam and ciao! :)

6 Comments on “A Taste of Communism? Hate those police!!

  1. Sounds terrible bro. Must be ujian ramadhan la ni. But u know la what it’s like with the boys in blue especially in developing nations even back home….I’ve had some annoying experiences with them too. Unfortunately many of them (not all of course) don’t use their brains. So u show them what brown men are capable of doing ya?! On the bright side at least u still have this rare opportunity to enjoy the scenery. Enjoy Kazakh n maaf zahir batin.

  2. take it easy bro…those animals (not all) are usually inhumane when they are in uniform…same here in our soil (not all)…but next time ask them..YOU KNOW WHO MY FATHER IS? HAHA

    anyway best of luck and take a good care while you are at Tian Shan mountain..make sure you have something on you to protect yourself from the wolves

  3. You have my sympathy. Those policemen are truly brainless & heartless. Are they Han, Hui, Uighur or Kazakh? Nevertheless, keep your cool, my friend. Fortunately there’s bus service at that hour. Insya Allah things will turn out brighter. BTW, do you encounter problems transporting your bike & the 30kg luggage in the bus?

  4. tu laa kecik kecik mak bapak suruh belajar tak mau. dah besar jadi la polis pasal bodoh sgt. tu la pasal hahahaha.. anyways. rilex man. cos u r killer rrrrrr ngaummm meow meoww.

  5. You must be travelling to those parts of strange lands. But, that’s called true adventure of travelling. Its worth it you know. Enjoy reading it.

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