First Hour In Iceland Video!

Check out the first draft edited short video I shot during my first hour in Iceland. Cycled for some kilometers to get to Reykjavik. Sorry for the bad audio quality for now, I was lazy :)

Shot with my Canon 5D and GoPro…

7 Comments on “First Hour In Iceland Video!

  1. Cool…Iceland is the most beautiful and incredible country i’ve ever been.Beside the landscape is like landing in the moon must try their food such as Smoke Lamb and Dry Fish.The Blue Lagoon and The Smokey Bay is must have Photo in ur camera.Have fun there :)

  2. Thx! SitiSandi, Im not sure if I will go to the Blue Lagoon, among all, I might skip the Reyjanes peninsula, I plan to stay longest in the Highland and the Westfjords…

  3. woitt……dah sampai Iceland iya….be careful ok n hv an enjoyable ride…akak x leh tgk la video tu fr my GH in Pattaya ni….tak pe, nti blk Msia boleh tgk…I’m descending now, expect to arrive KL on Saturday….ada 2000km lagi nak kena ride, penat dowh….ari ni jer OTR almost 13hrs…

  4. Haaa….dah dapat tenguk video….soooo kooolllll la bro….I dont hv even one vid on my ride, nyesal pulak…should hv gotten myself the gopro cam b4 the ride :(

  5. nak ikutttt….jgn lupa tangkap gambar dgn pola bear :)

  6. wow gile rajin nk letak kamera kat stand..pastu lalu nek beskal utk dptkan moment montaj baikk camtu..pastu brekk..patah balik..pack blik kamera..huhuhu…byk effort tu. nice!!!

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