Into The West of Iceland


I really underestimated Iceland! That was the big mistake I made. I thought that riding in the whole of Europe is nothing for me as I’ve climbed the Tibetan Plateau, The Pamir Mountains and the Taklamakan Desert 2 years ago. So there you go, even tho I was only riding along the coast, riding up and down was really killing! At one point I started to blame the road builders, the engineers and everyone else because they didnt build the road flat. Why do they make it hard for cyclists? They should predict that one day I will ride in this country. And my complains went on and on….


“Im a cycling machine, Im a cycling machine, Im a damn machine!” I began whispering to myself on every single climb. I tried hard to tell myself that my legs are as strong as a desert horse. But it doesnt work, my mind didnt believe the lie, so at one point, I pushed the bike. Hehehe…

Surprising, it is sunny and quite warm here. I guess its around 20 celcius at noon. But it can get very confusing, once the wind blows from the ocean, it gets reallllyyy cold!! So I have to always get my jacket on standby, in case the wind starts blowing. I even got bad sunburn especially on my face. The weather is so dry here. But today’s ride was totally different. I was riding under the rain for almost the whole day. It was pleasant, since I love riding under the rain. Most people dont like it because it seems that riding in the rain is dangerous and your stuff can get wet. Well if you wear proper, wrap all your stuff with rainproof cover and know how to handle the slippery road, riding in the rain can be very very pleasant. Another good thing is that I started making friends around the world again. Its only a few days since I started my ride and I already establish quite a good contact. Its a good thing, now I wanna strengthen my connection in Europe. That is why I love to do this so much. Everyday I make new friends, learn new things, get new experiences, see new things etc etc and the list goes on and on and on and on……

beautiful view taken from my tent at 12 am, where the magical light appeared during the Midnight Sun

7 Comments on “Into The West of Iceland

  1. Tergelak akak baca posting ko kali ni….One thing to share Hariz…sth I learnt from Hadi, bila bermusafir ni, cakap banda yg baik2 jer….do not complain, cos semua yg kita lafazkan Allah akan bagi cash, there n then….It happened a few times during my Indochina ride. I was complaining about the heat bcos I started to get rashes, and for the next few days when I’m in the mountains, it rained everyday….I was upset bcos my gps wasnt function properly, and it smashed into pieces after I fall from the bike…

  2. salam bro… kenal ka sama hamba? eh silap… mesti kamu tak paham haahaa…

    салам брат. какой там? ка там холодно? Я ЛОР-это ….Наклейка человек Хи heee

  3. All the best Zahariz. I really envy you. Ride safe & don’t forget your daily prayers.

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