Leaving West Iceland…

After done exploring the west of Iceland, I took a day rest in a small town called Stykkiholmur with a population just around 1000. Although small, this is the biggest town in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It has a small harbour and its very picturesque place. I can see many tourists around here busy snapping their cameras. Here I get myself busy stocking up camping food and other stuff since Westfjords is a bit wild and isolated, due to its remote location. Stayed in a very expensive guesthouse here. I took a dorm and it already costs me more than RM100. A hotdog here costs RM30. There you go, its a big sign that I cant stay long in a town, I need to get to the wild fast.

view of Stykkisholmur from the hill

Its a very peaceful town here, just like any other town in Iceland. I was chatting with a local guy here, he said this country is very safe. I can just leave my camera at the roadside and go back to sleep, wake up the next morning and it will still be there, untouched. Nobody will steal it around here. It is true, it has been a few nights when I was camping in the mountains, left my camera outside to film a timelapse, and went inside my tent and sleep. The next morning my camera was still there sitting nicely on the tripod. The only problem in this country is that its very expensive here. Reason is because they import almost everything and only rely on tourism and agriculture. But it doesnt matter for Icelanders, they earn a lot so they can afford it here and you cant find poor people around this island.

I really took a good rest, I slept long hours recovering the pain I had after been pulling my very heavy bike through the hills and mountains. I realized my ride now in Iceland is much slower compared to my previous journey through Asia Continent. Im carrying double the weight now, total luggage of 65kg when all my food is full, that’s around my own bodyweight. At a flatroad without any wind, I cycle for only around 15km/hour. I can never go faster than 20km/hour unless there is a tail wind blowing me forward or Im flying downhill. But none of these matters to me, Im surrounded by very beautiful landscape along the way so I don’t mind traveling slowly around here enjoying all these.

my camera is working hard, capturing the magical light!

Since I left Reykjavik, its been a very quiet ride for me. This country is totally remote and the best moment is during the Midnight Sun. During this hour everything is quiet, its like all the birds here stopped chipping and started to watch the magical sun here. Only the sound of water and wind were playing during this hour. When I sit alone experiencing all these magical moments, I wonder how great the Creator of all is. Even the roads here are very quiet. Maybe only around 2-3 cars for every 5 minutes. The volcanic eruption had turned this place into a unique landscape, making me to cycle even slower, watching the surrounding very detail. Now Im done with the west part of Iceland, I will head north towards the Westfjords after my rest day here in Stykkiholmur. Another chapter of my life will begin, Westfjords here I come!

13 Comments on “Leaving West Iceland…

  1. Abang! Nice reading your story… but my eyes hurt! …becoz of the white text on black background. Didn’t your design teacher teach you this? LOL

    • boss!! hahaha… really ah? i personally dont like black text on white bg! too much white! screen is too bright.. and that makes my eyes hurt :)

  2. away from civilizations eh? it could be quiet & lonely but u’r gonna get the best kept secret than. steady bro

  3. wish u all the best bro! kuatkan semnagat kami sokong dari jauh..

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