The Malaysian Flag in the Westfjords!

I was waving our Malaysian flag under the Midnight Sun, very close to the Arctic Circle. Only a few kilometers behind that snowy hills, is the Ring of Arctic!

7 Comments on “The Malaysian Flag in the Westfjords!

  1. Since its just a few kilometres away, just go & place the flag there. :-)

    Din AA

    • thx naim. ive seen those pics. spectacular! how was the temperature on october? i have problem with schengen visa, so i can only enter norway 2nd week of december onwards, when its very cold on winter…

      • October is pleasantly cool, not too cold, but the weather in Norway a bit unstable that time of the year – cloudy and rainy, esp. beautiful Bergen. You should catch the aurora borealis around Tromso — next year is the peak of the 11-yr sunspot cycle, so chances of getting a great show is high this winter. In fact I’m thinking of going to Iceland to catch this awesome celestial display sometime early next year!

  2. yeah, according to my original plan, by now i should be crossing arctic already. but i spent 2 months in iceland already, so i have to get out of schengen area, thats why now im riding in the UK. but should be okay, i guess the weather on the coast areas are mild and warmer compared to the mountains on winter… i hope i can survive there. and yeah thats the reason why i choose to ride the scandinavia this year :) hope i can see those dancing lights…

  3. If you can ride in Spitzbergen, then memang awesome, but must be careful of polar bears! Lotsa flights from Tromso.

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