The Icelandic Dog!

This is the dog that I mentioned in my previous post. This adorable Icelandic dog were following me while I was cycling out of the Westfjords for more than 50km! I lost him at 1 point and keep riding another 20km before decided to pitch my tent in the wild. While setting up my tent, the dog appeared and slept near my tent for the night before disappear again in the morning!

11 Comments on “The Icelandic Dog!

  1. realy nice dog… nampak motor or kereta dia akan duduk dan berhenti di tepi jalan… waaah… begitu hebat ciptaan nya….

  2. This is an unforgetful experience….bukan senang a stranger dog nak accompany our ride for a long distance journey pulak tu…ehh, laju gak ko bw beskal ehh :)

  3. hahaha TQ! kak nita, eh tak la.. tu turun bukit boleh la saya laju. cuba kalau masa climbing, agak2 kalau akak jalan kaki pun sama laju dgn saya kot! hahaha…

  4. Kalau dia nak ikut terus pun ok kot, ada juga teman!

    Din AA

  5. Fantastic trip and amazing photos, Zahariz! I have a theory- I think that dog was your guardian angel :).

    Just one question- how are you uploading your blog posts? What netbook/laptop are you using? InsyaAllah I’ll be doing Moscow-Kuala Lumpur later this year but by train and I’m very curious to know more about your gear. Thanks, all the best.

    • Hi Anis. Im carrying very heavy gear. Im currently pulling some 65kg of luggage on my bicycle. Im carrying 17inch laptop with me as Im doing editing for my film as well at night and on my rest days, with 2 x 1 tera HD. My cameras are GoPro HD, Canon 5D Mark II and 550D, with 16-35mm F2.8L and 24-105mm F4L. At the same time im carrying a slider, tripod n monopod and Goal Zero. The rest are camping equipments, clothes, cooking equipments and tons of food to survive in the wild for weeks :)

  6. Good company you have there. Lucky this dog is much tamer then the dog you met at China. Your voice sound rough,not drinking enough water maybe.All the best.

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