A Day In Akureyri

Sometimes, after being stucked in the wild for days and days, its good to be back to the civilization. I felt happy when I saw the road was paved again! Its means I can cycle much faster. I see street lights as well! The first thing I did was to eat all I can! I felt so energetic when I had enough food and I cycled faster towards the nearest guesthouse in Blonduos. I felt soooo good to sleep in a proper bed, with a soft pillow!!! Had a coffee while checking email from my laptop, I felt like a boss! I also had long hot shower and comfortably taking my time brushing my teeth! I feel like a rich man! Hehehe…

mmmmmm civilization!!

However, the ride is not so nice anymore. The landscape is tedious and same for hundreds of kilometers and demotivating. I kept on watching the side mirror to see endless incoming cars, driving fast on the highway. The only tough climb towards Akureyri was a small mountain pass which sits at around 500m altitude between Varmahlio and Akureyri. The wind was gentle to me this time, making my ride smooth and I was flying fast when the road is flat. The weather turned bad right after I left the Westfjords. It was cloudy all the way. I rarely see the sun anymore.

bored looking Icelandic horses

I finally reached Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland. The size is still small anyway, with the population just around 17000 people. Its so small that I can see the whole city just by walking. Another peaceful and calm place here in Iceland (duhh) like any other towns in the country. Its surrounded by beautiful snowcapped mountains in the background, somehow this reminds me of my days in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

There was once, while I was walking exploring around town, a bunch of young Icelanders came to me. They are having some sort of a game, where the guy has to find 100 tourists, lift them up while the girls need to snap picture of it. So the guy was asking me if he can lift me. Hehe. Surely I said yes. Im very light since I lost some weight due to cycling. Then they said welcome to Iceland. When asked, I said Im from Malaysia. They were shocked to learn that Im cycling around the country and I came from a distant land of Asia. Perhaps Im a rare species to them.

Stayed in a nice guesthouse here in Akureyri, I met 3 other cyclists from Spain! Theyre cycling around the country in 2-3 weeks with light luggage. Nice to have conversation with them and they love what Im doing. Theyre amazed to see the amount of weight I carry on my bicycle. They will follow my blog and will keep in touch with me, hope to meet them again 1 day when I cycle in Spain from end to end. It’s a good thing I reached this city which has a bicycle shop. Just nice, 2 spokes from my back tyre were broken. I got them fixed in a bicycle shop here, making sure my bicycle is on tip top condition before heading to the wild again. Im now basically half way on my journey, to ride back to Reykjavik will take only around 1000km from here. And I will complete my journey in Iceland.

6 Comments on “A Day In Akureyri

  1. Salam Zahariz..

    I was about to ask you if this country always had a gloomy weather right after I saw the 1st photo you’ve posted. But nevertheless, the scenery is breathtaking!!
    And as always, I’m enjoying the ‘story telling’ you’ve presented to us… keep ’em comin’!!!!

    • TQ bro! The weather was really good while I was in the Westfjords. Unfortunately… it turned bad when I entered the norheast all the way till today!

  2. very entertaining post Hariz…rare species huh? LOL!!! Glad to know that u r doing fine…Pejam celik, dah sebulan ko kat sana ya….ride safe bro!!!

    • hehehe tu la, kejap je but rasa macam lama… maybe bcoz i was struggling most of the time kot. hehehe…

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