The Ride Towards The Glaciers!

Leaving Myvatn was quite hard for me since it’s a very beautiful place. The only thing that keeps me moving forward is because I know that there are more places to discover. After Myvatn, I rode into the barren land in Iceland. There is almost nothing between Myvatn and Egilsstrandir. I rode along the barren land for more than 160km. At some point, I remember my ride in China while crossing the Taklamakan Desert. When I saw a small mountain range from afar, it really reminds me of Kunlun Mountains of China. It looks very similar. Even though I was enjoying the present moment, at one point I kept thinking about my ride crossing the desert 2 years ago. Just for a moment, I decided to live my past. Instead of those European tourists on caravan passing by, I imagined chinese truck drivers passing by me, honking at me while shouting jia yow (means good luck). I imagined the sand of the Taklamakan Desert flying to my face, some got to my mouth and the smell of it. I imagined chinese road builders waving at me offering water and fruits.

The ride to Egilsstrandir was going downhil for the last 100km. I was riding towards the east but the strong northern wind was blowing very hard from my left, at some point I almost fell off a cliff while riding down fast at 60km/hour because of the strong wind. I was lucky, if I didn’t hold the handlebar tight, it could be fatal! The ride became very difficult for the last 40km as the wind was blowing very very strong. I was very tired and hungry when I reached Egilsstrandir. I quickly setup my tent in a campsite in the small town, went to a small pizza shop to get a pizza and a coke. When I got back inside my tent, I realized I was eating the pizza just like a hungry lion feasting his prey and right after I finished the coke, I was burping very loud inside my tent just like Shrek and Princess Fiona. Hehehe…

It started to rain at night and the rain never stops since then. The next morning, I knew that the rain will never stop so I decided up pack all my stuff and continue riding south under the rain. Riding south was quite difficult since there were many steep climbing but thank god, then northern wind was blowing me fast towards the south. I passed by many small towns in between with the population less than 500 and the smaller Eastfjords. These fjords are considered tiny compared to the one in the Westfjords.

It was raining all the way and my tent even got wet! It is very very cold even at the time of writing. I don’t care anymore whats the temperature here, what makes it so cold is because of the rain that made me wet plus the wind was blowing so strong and Im shivering nonstop for more than 60 hours now. The best place to be for now is of course inside my sleeping bag! :)

I realized that the Midnight Sun is leaving slowly now. Street lights already started to brighten the streets here. Its still quite bright here during midnight like our sunset but the sun is not shining anymore like when I was in the Westfjords some 2-3 weeks ago. The night here is still very young and short, only about 2 hours then it started to get bright again. There is no need for torchlights here for camping so far.

the Midnight Sun is slowly leaving…

Now I reached a small town called Hofn. From here I can see Vatnajokull, the huge glaciers from afar. It looks very huge and I can imagine ice giants living there. Its only few kilometers from here and Im heading there very very soon. This is the biggest glaciers in the world outside the Arctic Region. When I was admiring the landscape of Vatnajokull, the sun was about to give its last light of the day. I quickly went back to my tent to pick up my camera and went back there. I was amazed, really amazed by the light and color of the sunset. This is the nicest sunset I ever witness here in Iceland, or perhaps in my entire life. The color changed every 10 minutes or so because of the cloud formation. Surprising I managed to ignore the very cold wind and enjoy the sunset for 3 hours!

the majestic Vatnajokull from a distance!

biggest glaciers outside the Poles and Greenland. I imagine Ice Giants dwell there…

the best sunset ive ever seen!

the color suddenly turns orange!

and suddenly to this only in 2-3 minutes!

…and finally to this! what an amazing world!

16 Comments on “The Ride Towards The Glaciers!

  1. You are one of a kind. The kind that inspires me, like A LOT. I read from your 1st post, all I can say is thanks for existing!

      • You are most welcome! Perhaps one day, I can meet you once you arrived Malaysia? There’s so many questions I want to ask and to learn from you :D

      • of course! surely. i miss chilling with teh tarik and above all, our legendary nasik lemak ayam rendang!!!!

  2. Wowww…Hariz, thats soooo beautiful!!! Thx for sharing. As usual, I enjoy reading yr story. Certain things sure brought back memories huh? I’ve experienced it many times during my travel as well. Weii, ko gila aper 60hrs shivering? U can suffer fr severe muscle cramp!!! Tk care of yrself. Nanti sakit sape nak jaga? Bini dh le jauh :)

    • hehe what to do kak. raining non stop kat sini! memang impossible kalau xnak basah. pasang tent semua dalam hujan… sejuk giler!

  3. Bro, I’ve just managed to catch up with your last 4 entries, mashaAllah amazing stuff man! Your pics and videos are awesome. We’re very proud of you la bro. Good to hear that you’re filming the works and making it into a documentary – I’d love to watch it.
    If I can make a suggestion – if you have a smartphone or GPS (and ability to charge it easily), you could use the strava app As a keen cyclist myself, I would love to see the routes you take and the profile of your rides.
    By the way, congratulations on the news of your soon-to-come baby. When’s he/she due?
    Lastly, keep warm and dry as much as possible. Take care my friend.

    • khuzai! watsup bro!! thank you so much man! ahaaa actually i dont plan to reveal so much on the blog. I have those information about my riding profiles, but i will only include that inside the documentary and the book!

      its a baby boy dude!!! :D due early november. so by 1st week of october ill be back in my 2nd country, Kyrgyzstannnnn!!! :)

  4. Beautiful sunset. Agree with Khuzai, Strava or Endomondo (which I’m using :-)). Entah sempat tak umur ni nak sampai kesana.

  5. Salam, just finished my solemisation event. Now I’ve time back to follow your blog. Shivering 60hours, fuhhh tough weather there. Take care of yourself bro. Wifey jauh tu.

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