A Day in Vik

Before I left the campsite owned by the Filipino lady, an Italian couple approached me while I was packing my stuff on the bicycle. They camped nearby as well and they were impressed to see how much Im carrying. Theyre cycling around Iceland as well for 5 weeks. Our communication is quite limited since they don’t speak much English. But they told me that theyre heading to the same direction towards Vik on their way back to Reykjavik. Very friendly couple. So after a long chat, I told them that we will meet in Vik in the evening and camp nearby each other. I told them to go first since I wanted to charge my laptop and camera batteries. They went 90 minutes earlier than me but somehow, I didn’t see them along the way and I arrived Vik 1 hour earlier.


Cycling away from Kirkjubaejarklaustur to Vik was easy. For the first time after so many days, its not raining at all! The wind was gentle and I rode fast 80km towards Vik with ease. The landscape was the same for the whole ride, grassland with mountainous background. Good news is it gonna be sunny for a few days now! Thank god!

Vik is a small town even for Iceland standard. The population is only around 300 people but it’s a very beautiful place. Its at the seaside and covered with many towering cliffs. There are so many birds here, I mean Iceland is a kingdom of birds but here in Vik, birds outnumbered human by a lot! The next morning, it was raining a bit so I decided to continue sleeping and feed my laziness. Woke up late around 11 for breakfast and started exploring the surrounding areas. It was sunny! As in, hot! So I took this opportunity to dry my clothes and went for hiking.

drying everything when the sun is out!

There are so many tourists here unlike any other place that I visited before. I realized I started to see many tourists since I left Westfjords. And here I saw many Asian tourists! This is the last town which has complete facilities like supermarket and banks before Hofn for people coming from Reykjavik. As for me, Reykjavik is less than 200km from here and I will end my cycling journey here in Iceland very soon. So I decided to move slower now, I still have a lot of time to spend. So after this I might explore some interior part around Southwest Iceland before reaching Reykjavik. The Italian couple might be cycling with me from now on! So I wont feel so lonely anymore now :)

view of Vik from one of the cliff

beautiful cliffs near my campsite in Vik

Icelandic horses!

couldnt stop watching all these!

6 Comments on “A Day in Vik

  1. Was just reading your post when my colleague passed. he, like all of us, was awed by your photos, and more importantly your doing the expedition. Bangga siut!!

  2. Goods Bro…Hope Bicycle No Problem….

    Orange Cycle

  3. Nice post n pics hariz…glad that the weather is on yr side now. Enjoying more days and slower pace? Ahhhh….how I envy u. This is the kind of ride that I would hv like to do. Not ‘flying’ thru the country like mad. LOL. Stay safe bro and thx for the fm :)

  4. BTW….what is the tiny whitish things in the 1st pic? Tak kan biri2 kot?

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