Riding Through the Realms of Waterfalls!

I left Vik late, around 11 am. While I was busy packing, a French woman approached me. She was impressed on how much I’m carrying on my bike and told me that shes cycling too taking her 10 month old baby with her around Iceland! That is crazzzyyyyy!! I would never do that, taking my baby, 10 month old, cycling with me with this kind of harsh weather! We wanted to talk more but communication is a big problem. She doesn’t speak much English and I don’t speak French at all! But I gave her the link of my blog since shes interested to follow my journey. She then told me that shes heading the same direction as me, towards Skogar. But shes one day late. I told her I can meet her in Skogar the next day, because Im really interested to see how can a woman cycle taking her 10 month old baby with her! That’s amazing! I hope to see her again somewhere on the road and capture her on video!

double rainbow!! realize the half visible second rainbow?

The Italian couple left earlier, they need to get to Reykjavik fast because of their flight back to Italy, so I rode alone. A few kilometres after I left Vik, I came across waterfalls, so many waterfalls. I rode along the coast with cliffs, and every few kilometres theres waterfalls! I then came across a huge waterfall and decided to camp here for a night to explore the surroundings. Here I met an American film-maker! Well, not actually a film-maker but more like a cinematographer. I then told him that Im a film-maker from Malaysia. He got really interested when I told him about my cycling journey and I’m actually filming my journey, so I let him to watch some of the clips on my phone. For the first time, someone really talk to me. How nice when 2 filmmakers from a totally 2 different continent meet each other, we talk about so many things.

Skogarfoss, one of the hundreds of waterfalls in South of Iceland!

He then camped next to me we chat and waited till close to midnight. When the sun nearly touches the horizon, we both start climbing the hill to film the waterfall under the magical light. This place is really a kingdom of waterfalls! Its everywhere here. Once I climbed to the top, I see moreee waterfalls, some even higher.

countless waterfalls from the mountains all the way to the sea

The next day, Im heading more towards the west, and the American cinematographer, named Peter, went to the east towards Vatnajokull glaciers that I passed a week ago. We exchanged contacts before we left, making sure that we can still keep in touch. Hopefully I will meet him again one day, maybe in the US when Im riding in my dream place, the Yosemite!

taking a break somewhere on the road. Eh…. do I look sexy??

While I was riding, I see countless waterfalls for every few kilometers. This is truly the realm of waterfalls! The weather is good now, the sun is shining again, the blue sky is so clear. Only after 30km riding from the last big waterfalls, I found another big one and its very beautiful. You can actually walk behind the waterfall! I wanted to go more since I only cycled for 90 minutes, but whats the rush. I’m not catching any flights. So I camped nearby. The weather is so good and its actually hot, around 25 celcius! That is very good for Iceland standard! So I lied down on the grass and slept under the sun for few hours lol! When the sun almost touched the horizon, I quickly grab my camera and explore the surrounding area to film the waterfall. The sky is so clear, giving really a magical color to the landscape on sunset! When the sun touches the horizon, the landscape really giving a fantasy color, out of this world! One of the most beautiful waterfall landscape Ive ever seen in my entire life!

the last light of the day…

16 Comments on “Riding Through the Realms of Waterfalls!

  1. Allahuakbar! dari gambarnya dah hebat apatah lagi in reality. Saya doakan something great will become to your footage. The world need to see these. Thanks a million for sharing.

  2. Subhanallah!!! Allahuakbar!!! Hariz, those were brilliant pics!!! Nothing came from my lips except subhanallah, oohsss and ahhhss….cantikkkk siottttt!!! If u come here during winter, wonder how would the froze curtains looks like? The rainbows….ahhhhh….U r truly blessed to be able to witness all this. I imagine u walked under the curtain of the falls (with envyyyy!!!!) LOL…Seriously Hariz, I agree with cNN, I hope the same too for yr great discovery.

  3. …subhanallah…. dan nikmat Allah yang mana yang kamu dustakan??? … surah Ar Rahman

  4. Salam bro… mcam biasa bro.. you’re da man! :) aku pun heran gak, camne ko boleh sempat buat photo editing throughout the journey… respect! :) awesome pics and you have captured it perfectly, man! Allahuakbar.. honestly, jeles gak aku..! hahaha! wish u all d best!

  5. thanks fren, I really really hope I can travel like u bro…Subhanallah!!!

  6. Words just cannot describe those waterfalls. What a sight.

  7. Subhanallah! indahnya ciptaan Tuhan..hope i can be there..feel it..experience it..hear it the sound of waterfalls..you’re lucky,dude ^^

  8. thank you so much for sharing all the photos.
    am envy to be in iceland
    insyallah one day
    good job mate, may Allah bless u n ur family, here and after

  9. Hi! Im atikah from singapore! Im very amazed and feeling super inspired with your stories, reading your first post up till now, sure i am stalking you. Hehe.. But Every post of yours, sure really make me feel im there too! Ican literally feel it!!! Gahhhh! Reading your blog, alrdy tempts me to go all this places, just like you. Inshaallah, i will be cycling around the world just like you hariz! Keep up the good work, stay safe wherever you are! And wish to contact you if it happens im doing this, pretty much will!!! Hahaha ! Ride safe always! 🌊🚴🏼

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