From The Forest To The Highlands

I stayed a day in Crianlarich exploring the surrounding areas. It was nothing more than a one street village and there is only 1 shop there. I stayed in a youth hostel here, covering myself from the nonstop rain. Went for some short trekking around the area but the visibility wasn’t so great. It was raining all the way but I love the landscape here. It’s a lot different than Iceland. In Iceland, I hardly see trees. It was just a vast open space there. But here, its beautiful alpine forest. And the rain is heavier here compared to Iceland. The roads are narrow, reminds me a lot of Malaysia.

Loch Lomond alpine forest under the thick clouds

Criancarich village – small and cute!

I guess Im so used to sleep inside my tent. Staying in the youth hostel, I don’t feel comfortable. So many rules, the main door is lock at 11pm so you cant go out anytime after that. Have to be really quiet in the middle of the night since I was sharing the room with 4 other guys and many more. Sleeping inside my tent, I have all the freedom I want. The only reason I stayed in the hostel here is to get all my batteries charged and a laundry. Early the next morning, the sun finally shined proudly!

view of Loch Lomond forest

this looks exotic to me! I imagine Dark Elves hiding behind those woods!

I then rushed for breakfast and quickly packed all my stuff and ride away! I miss riding under the sun so badly. It was a good ride. The sun gave enough heat to make me feel so comfortable riding towards the highland from the forest. The road was narrow, many cars driving fast here and it was quite dangerous. From Crianlarich, I passed by only 1 very small village called Tyndrum, after that the road slowly snaked towards the higher ground from the forest of Loch Lomond. I found myself surrounded in the beautiful hills of Glencoe. The landscape drastically changed from alpine forest to rocky hills.

approaching the highlands! Sexy Glencoe here I come!

Issykul Lake, Kyrgyzstan. eh… I mean… Glencoe, Scotland…

I was first planned to ride all the way to Fort William and camp at the foot of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. I plan to conquer this mountain since I heard about it from a few of my friends who stayed here in Scotland. Mountains, theyre my most favourite places on earth. I just love climbing mountains. Being at the top of a mountain, I feel like a winner, especially after hours of struggling climbing them. Its usually quiet up there, my ears only receive the sound of wind and birds, sometimes the rain. It feels that you’re closer to heaven. Being at the thin air, really gives you a special emotion, which you can never get at the sea level.

My target to ride to Fort William was unsuccessful, I was stopped by the beauty of Glencoe hills. I rode very slow passing by the hills and after a while, I decided to camp at Glencoe campsite about a kilometre from Glencoe village and explore the hills. It gonna be raining for the next few days so I guess I will stay here a while before heading to Fort William. It will be sunny again few days from now, and that’s when I will hit the peak of Ben Nevis. For now, I will feed my laziness inside my tent under the rain in Glencoe hills.

camping in Glencoe campsite

full rainbow very near me! some 20-30 meters away

i sat under the rain for hours watching this lol!

14 Comments on “From The Forest To The Highlands

  1. As usual, superb post n pics, Hariz…Bestnya klu dapat pacak khemah kat tepi sungai dlm last pic tu…Weiii….the rainbow was so near u and u didnt go dig the treasure? Org tua2 cakap, kat kaki pelangi ada harta karun…tu pasal normally rainbow is above….susah nak jumpa kaki dia….haiyooo….rainbow tu dah depan mata ko bro….rugiii….rugiii!!!

  2. Youth hostel imposed age limit. Im not sure whether i can stay there if my age reach 35

  3. Salam sejahtera anakanda,
    Saya memang dah link blog ni, sangat menarik!
    Pagi tadi saya mendenar suara saudara di tv.!

  4. TQ all for the comments…
    kak nita – haha takde apa2 pun kat kaki rainbow tu…. tapi best la, once i get really close to it… it disappears. Bila pegi jauh balik.. then its visible again…

  5. salam bro zahariz,

    fort william tempat main beskal downhill kan? biasa UCi kat situ…tak sabo tunggu gambo DH pakai beskal touring nih…heee

  6. Kena dig la bro…dalam tanah…atau klu kaki rainbow tu kat atas air sungai @ tasik, kena dive laa….HAHAHA….

  7. salam zahariz

    alhamdulillah, bumi scotland memang indah utk diterokai dan menikmati keindahan alam semulajadi ciptaan Allah.

    saya pernah sampai ke sini masa kami mengembara dengan berkereta tahun 2006 hingga ke Isle of Skye dan sempat menginap semalam di Port Tree, tapi semua foto masa tu hanya menggunakan camera digital cap ayam je hehe

    moga pengembaraan saudara sentiasa didalam perlindungan dan kerahmatan ALLAH


    semua foto indah dan menarik apalagi dgn teknik vertorama dan terimakasih krn sudi berkongsi dengan kami semua

  8. Stunning pics and stories, i wish u can publish it as a travel book/books regarding to this journey, bravoooo :D

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