Climbing Ben Nevis

The rain never seems to stop here in the highlands. I just kept riding towards Fort William under the rain. Passed by many beautiful views but sadly I didn’t have the chance to enjoy it because of the poor visibility. I pitched my tent at the campsite in Fort William, right at the one of the starting point to climb Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. The locals told me to wait a day before the weather is going to improve slightly so that I can climb the mountain.

on my way to Fort William

view of Christian graveyards

I spent a day exploring Fort William, this is the first town Ive visited so far since I left Dunoon. It’s a very small town, very peaceful. People here are more relax and cars pass by slower compared to Glasgow. It’s a historical town with full of stories of the past. The name of this town can already makes guess the history behind this place.


Fort William town centre

Fort William town centre

The next day in the morning, it was a bit cloudy but the sun was still shining at least. I guess this is the best time for me to climb Ben Nevis. After I had my breakfast, I quickly climb up the mountain while the weather was still good. My friends here in Scotland told me to take the hardest route since it is challenging and exciting and gives the best views, but I didn’t find it. But the again I was thinking, there is no difference which route I take under this kind of weather. I ended up taking the easy tourist route. It feels like climbing those hills in Bangsar and I was cruising fast towards the peak and reached the top in about 2 hours.

the view along the climb

Sadly there was no view at all once I reached the top. When I almost reached the top, the clouds started coming in and blinding me from seeing anything. The wind was blowing really strong! The visibility was really poor and when I look at the surrounding, it was all white just like a blank page of a book! And the clouds were sooo thick like a dictionary!

nothing to see at the peak. awan tebal gile macam dictionary!

And something bad happened tho, while I was at the peak, I wanted to snap some pictures so I attached my camera on the tripod. And all out of a sudden, the wind was blowing very strong for a split second and my camera fell to a rock. When I tried to save my camera, I slipped, it was very very slippery and I was like 2 meters away from the edge of a cliff. It was a sharp 90 degrees cliff, with the height around 200-300 meters. I then realized that how dangerous the place that I was standing, it was at the edge and I don’t have wingsuit to fly down. Luckily the only thing that was broken was the filter of my camera lens. My camera and the lens are still in good condition.

peak of Ben Nevis

I didn’t stay long at the peak. There was nothing to see at this kind of condition, except a hut and few rocks that has many names written by those climbers who reached here. And the wind was really strong up there, making it hard for me to breath. After about 15 minutes staying at the peak, I finally descended the mountain and took me around 1 hour to get down, making the total of 3 hours climbing up and down the Ben Nevis.

into the clouds

got out from the thick cloud at the top while descending down


8 Comments on “Climbing Ben Nevis

  1. Aiseyyyy….what a gloomy sky, or else the view must be breathtaking….Apa yg ko pikul dlm backpack tu? Nampak mcm berat jer…Anyway, tk care Hariz….my heart skipped a beat upon reading about yr fall…Mujur x de apa2…dah 2 kali dh ni…be careful plz…plz…plz…

  2. alhamdulillah

    mujur tak ada insiden yg lebih buruk

    pernah lepak kat fort william dlm perjalanan ke cairnegorms mountain

  3. ben nevis 3900 feet, lebih kurang tinggi gunung peninjau..
    ni kalau tak berkabus mesti tiptop view nye :)

    lepas fort william menghala ke mana pulak hehe…ada masuk kat dalam castle2 kat scotland tak? teringin nak tgk gambar huhuhu

  4. woah..tha’t almost….be prepare n careful another time,bro.. ^^

  5. Good blog. It reminded me of my two trips up Ben Nevis. Unfortunately, the chances of ever getting a clear day at the top are quite slim. I got one the first time, but not the second. If you are interested in hiking, and plan to return to the UK, you may want to try doing the three peaks (the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales) in 24 hours. It’s challenging but possible!

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