Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah

Check out our new promo video “Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah” for the year 2012! This was filmed and edited by myself while exploring 2 countries (Iceland & Scotland) with a distance totaling more than 3000 km covered on a bicycle. This journey was not planned or staged. It’s a real journey, real life experiences with real emotions.

This documentary is presented in the Malay language as I can best express my emotions through my mother tongue. English subtitles are included so that everyone can understand and appreciate the journey.

Filming was carried out without any field crew/support team.

Thank you for watching and sharing our videos!
Filmed & Edited by Zahariz
Music – Silent Motion by Dan Phillipson

8 Comments on “Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah

  1. Congratz on ur journey, was following ur blog from start to the end , can u make a wallapaper on the sky view that have lot of star ? its would be awesome.


    p/s : i spread ur video on our largest malaysian online community lowyat forum .. :)

  2. From the promo, the naration in Malay is certainly better, more fluent & emotionally compatible. I love it. Congrats. When will the full length be ready? Will you be selling it?

  3. Assalam. Thanks for sharing. Love your stories and photos. And thanks for that inspirational talk on Webcamp KL (I watched it via Youtube). All the best in your future endevours. :)

  4. Saudara Zahari teruskan mencari dan bertanya anda pasti akan jumpa jawapan nya. Kami akan sentiasa mendoakan kesejateraan anda. Syabas dan tahniah. Terima kasih kerana sudi berkonsi.

  5. Zahari, ur video shooting and editing skills are flawless. How do you do that on your own?! without a camera crew? simply amazing really!

  6. Salam, Your journey is so amazing and i give all my respect to you my brother. God bless you and gives you strength. Stay health, and stay safe.

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