Back To Europe

After spending 4 months in Central Asia, I finally crossed back into the realm of Europe. I stopped a day in Istanbul to visit a friend of mine, Selma. She was also a traveller whom I met back in Urumqi some 3 years ago while I was riding in Asia. We had a good conversation, exchanging life stories with each other. She offered to take me around Istanbul for sightseeing but I was tired and hungry and decided to take a rest instead. Didn’t see much in Istanbul, I will really explore Turkey one day, of course with my trusty bicycle, so I don’t want to ruin it.

somewhere in Aksaray, Istanbul

somewhere in Aksaray, Istanbul


Taksim Square, Istanbul

Taksim Square, Istanbul

I then flew back to Scotland to get my bicycle in Glasgow. I spent a few more days in Glasgow preparing my next journey ahead. Outdoor stuffs are cheaper here in the UK compared to Malaysia or even in the Scandinavia, especially winter clothing. They have more choices here too. So I took the chance to get all the stuffs that I need here in Glasgow. I installed the best spiked winter tyres on my bike but it costs me a bomb! While staying in Glasgow, I got the chance to meet a few Malaysians, some already working here for years and some are students. I have a habit where I can progress really fast when making friends, they quickly became my close friends and I feel like theyre part of my family. They helped me a lot, especially Reena and Tom where I feel like theyre my own brother and sister. I also met another guy, Najeeb, a Malaysian studying here in Glasgow Uni. We knew each other only for a week but I became comfortable with him. Maybe because Im traveling alone, I can easily trust people and quickly feel comfortable with strangers. I spent the rest of my days here exploring Glasgow, since I don’t know when I’ll be back here.


hehe... highliner with a violin! :)

hehe… highliner with a violin! :)

5 Comments on “Back To Europe

  1. Anis – nope. Its a small mosque in Aksaray. I only saw Haiya Sofea from far inside the train. maybe nxt time when i really cycle through Turkey :)
    Adeebs – wsalam bro. belum. tried 3 years back from xinjiang but pakistan was badly flooded that time in 2010.

  2. good to hear yr story again bro…I just got back fr my solo ride to China border & Laos, so baru berkesempatan to follow yr blog :)

  3. yeah, winter clothing is cheaper in europe…spiked tyre for ur cycle hah? is that wht use for cycling in rainy and wintery condition?
    if u happen to travel to dundee in the future, i have a good fren who likes to host guests too and he is very generous.

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