Come and join me at “Seminar Jom Mengembara”!



Hello people!
Again, Ill be giving a talk, this time together with a talented local female photographer, Rozek Ruzaini in Kuala Lumpur on the 24th Nov 2013 (The lazy Sunday zzzz….)

Ill be giving a full 2 hours talk plus Q&A session and will share my experience living on the road, how it started for me, living the nomadic way of life, some useful tips, my thoughts, how I look at life in this modern 21st century world, u know those deep things…. and of course my usual crap and jokes (its inside me I cant help it) and how all these experience shaped my characteristic. So please come and join us, and be ready darling…. your mind will be blown away and I will melt your heart like a butter! More info and to register, please visit

Hope to see you guys there!!!

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