A Day In Karakorum

I took a day rest in Karakorum. I thought Karakoram exists only in Pakistan, but it exists here in the middle of Mongolia, with slightly different spelling. Its not a mountain range here like the one in Pakistan, but it’s a small town… with a population less than 10000. Nothing much here except the Erdene Zhu Khiid, the first ever Buddhist monastery built in Mongolia.


Erdene Zhu Khiid under the colours of sunset

But it was nothing like this back in 700 years ago during the 13th century, where this place was a happening place. Karakorum used to be the capital of the vast Mongol Empire. It was a city you know… like KL :) But Kublai Khan abandoned this place and moved the Mongol capital to Beijing… and finally the city was destroyed by the Manchurian army. And because of that, this place is now nothing but a place for me to take a day rest (from the fierce storm the day earlier)… to take a good long hot shower… eat good food and sleep in a proper bed… with soft pillow!

flying my Phantom for some kickass aerial videography. Hehe yeah I carried all these on a bicycle :)

flying my Phantom for some kickass aerial videography. Hehe yeah I carried all these on a bicycle :)

I spent most of the days doing editing on the video I capture along my journey until when its near sunset, where the light and colours are always magic, I then took my camera gear out to film the monastery. When I reached the gate to get into the monastery, I was shocked to see that it was already closed. I then just capture the view of the monastery from outside the gate. When I flew my quadcopter to get some aerial shots, I started to attract the locals. I was surrounded and local people were awed to see the flying machine in action. The good thing was, the guards who work in the monastery came out to see it too. I then asked them if I can get in the monastery…. and they let me in for free!


Actually tourists have to pay 10USD to get in with video camera… and it opens only until 6pm. But I was lucky I guess, to get in for free and able to film the place after 6pm during sunset, where the magic light usually appears. I kept flying my copter to get aerial shots but the wind was blowing too strong and it was so difficult for me to handle it… and it crashed twice at the temples. I hope Genghis Khan wont get angry at me on that :)



4 Comments on “A Day In Karakorum

  1. Nice photos but when I have enough battery will read a whole post because now electricity off and must be hurried :)

  2. LOL…the quadcopter crashed again? Kali ni langgar apa? Kuda kaa? Ari tu kat Sapa dah langgar kerbau :P

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