Trailer – Finnish Lapland: Bumi Misteri

Hello all,

Im happy to release the trailer of my upcoming short film, “Finnish Lapland: Bumi Misteri” (The Land of Mystery). Its a short film reflecting my thoughts and my experiences while I was on my short journey in Finnish Lapland. I was travelling through the woods in northern Finland on a forest ski with 2 other Finnish adventurers for a few weeks admiring the beauty of the landscape on winter time. Finnish Lapland is truly beautiful and with no sun at all far above the Arctic Circle in the winter time, it was lit by the full moon and the dancing northern lights which make the landscape so special and mysterious…

9 Comments on “Trailer – Finnish Lapland: Bumi Misteri

  1. Alhamdullilah . Jazak Allah Khair Zahariz. I am amazed at the wonderful creations of Allahswt and able to enjoy seeing it through your efforts . May Allahswt Guide and protect you always to accomplish your great mission .Ameen

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