A Video Postcard: The Journey Through The Celestial Mountains

Hello everyone.

I would like to share a short video of my skiing adventure in Kyrgyzstan, A Video Postcard: The Journey Through The Celestial Mountains. This is a small part of the complete documentary “Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah” season 3 which is coming soon this year on Malaysian TV AlHijrah (Astro 114).

Shot almost entirely on raw format at 4K resolution with my Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, Canon 5Dm3 and the new GoPro Hero4 but scaled down to 1080p for Internet view.

Thank you to the kind Kyrgyz people who have helped me a lot in difficulties during this journey

Filmed & edited entirely by myself

Music by Tony Anderson, The Father’s Heart (www.musicbed.com)

14 Comments on “A Video Postcard: The Journey Through The Celestial Mountains

  1. The best for Zahariz Khuzaimah,,,Bila agak-agaknya nak Balik ke Malaysia dan ceritakan kepada kami tentang pengalaman anda

  2. Its really inspiring and good production. Tahniah

    Definitely will be well received by TV AlHijrah fans looking forward to your adventure screening Insha Allah

    May Allah swt make your very effort a success .

  3. It is really beautiful there!!! Also like the video quality…thumbs up!

  4. Tahniah zahariz, satu usaha yg sangat mulia, mendekatkan diri dgn alam ciptaan Allah SWT, kemudian bersusah payah sebarkan pula semua kpd kami…sangat berkualiti. Saya terasa spt berada di sana…mengiringimu….Semoga sentiasa berada dlm sihat, dilindungi dpd mara bencana. Aamiin,

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  6. Welldone Zaharis! This is my country, Kyrgyzstan. I have studied and lived in Kuala Lumpur for six years. I love Malaysia and the Malaysians. Thank you for the beautiful videos and photos of my country. Terima kasih!

    • sama sama kanykei,
      glad u like my country too.. im living here in kyrgyzstan until the trees turned yellow. let me know if you wanna hang out in bishkek

  7. Hi Kahariz,
    Im still following you and find you very inspiring, the videos are excellent, and thoroughly enjoyed the horselords and you walking with skis through the mountains, it really is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

    Love from Loraine x

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