The Drive North

After a good stay in Jajce, I left the beautiful city early in the morning to enjoy the sceneries under the magical morning light. Only after a few minutes driving out of Jajce, I was awed by the surrounding landscape. I always love the sunny early morning. It is fresh and it smells new! Usually when I buy new things, I like to smell it once I opened the box, I just love the new smell. And sometimes I find it the same early in the morning, the air is fresh and it smells new… the smell of a new day. And the sun rays shining through the woods and leaves from the far horizon gives magic to the landscape. It makes the landscape here on earth feels heavenly, reminds me of beautiful things in heaven.


I drove to a smaller path that leads me to a beautiful small lake where there were some tourists, cafes and hotel in one side and almost empty on the other side. I love the calmness of this place. The sound of water, sound of birds chirping and the beautiful morning light making me wanna stay long here. I walked slowly enjoying the moment. It is so clean and the water is always blue and green. There is a small waterfall at the other side of the lake. There is also a small neighbourhood on the hillside near the lake and everyone here greeted me in their local language and a smile. Some even asked me if I need any help. People here are kind… perhaps the environment and beautiful landscape here helps shaping their good characteristic.


It was a cloudy day but once in a while when the clouds were letting the sun to shine directly at my face for a few minutes, I stopped walking, closed my eyes and think about beautiful things and enjoyed the heat that the shining sun provides me. Me too want to be like the kind people here who live their almost entire life here in a peaceful place, so I let the calmness of this place to shape my characteristic while I’m still here in this beautiful place. Just like us living in big cities to earn money to feed our physical body with food, people live here in a beautiful place to earn calmness and peace of mind to feed and nourish their soul.


After a while I had to call it enough and get back to my car to continue the journey. I wish to stay longer but this is just a short visit and I wanted to see more things, perhaps there are more beautiful things to be discovered in front of me. I drove really slowly, sometimes I thought that maybe its better just to take my bicycle here and cycle through the country as I was driving at the speed a bit faster than cycling. At least I can save much money from the daily car rent and petrol cost. But then again this is just a short visit and my plan was to take a rest from my bicycle or my skis. I planned to get to a city in the north called Bihac on that same day, at first I thought I should go really early in the morning since the distance is about 140km and it usually takes me a full day to cover that distance on a bicycle and I’m so used to calculate distance by days on a bicycle. Then a moment later I realized that I’m driving and it only takes two hours to cover that distance. So I moved slower. Sometimes after almost an hour drive I will stop somewhere safe at the roadside to park my car and started climbing the hills… since driving makes my body lazy.


Navigating the roads here in Bosnia is really easy. Signboards are clear but sometimes, I still get lost. The roads are narrow and I usually get lost when entering through small towns where sometimes I turned into a wrong junction and realized something went wrong when the road is getting smaller and smaller and finally the road turned into dirt road. Only then I will turned back since I realized this is Bosnia.. not Mongolia… so unpaved roads will usually leads to some houses or farms. There was once I got lost even deeper when I asked a local guy the road to Bihac.. he pointed straight so I drove straight to some farm. But once I got out from towns and villages, the navigation is easy. The view along the way to Bihac tells me that summer is coming soon to this land, plants are turning green but it is still quite cold… the typical spring season. People here loves the summer season, it will not only bring the heat and green trees and grass to the land but will also bring a lot of tourists to this land… so the locals here who are involved in tourism industry will earn more money.


21 Comments on “The Drive North

  1. Ah man, Such amazing pictures. Im a bit of a traveler myself, and seeing these reminds me why we do it! What a beautiful planet we’ve got here.

    • thank you and its true… i believe everything is beautiful if we try to look at it from the right point of view.. from the right perspective…

  2. Udara segar, nyaman dan suasana tenang. Desiran aliran air. kicauan unggas, keindahan warna flora dan bayangan di permukaan tasik. Kesatuan simfoni alam yang menakjubkan

  3. Ya Allah Ya Rabbi….selamatkan lah perjalanan en.Zahariz ini ke semua tempat yg hendak ditujui. Tempat yang Sungguh menakjubkan ciptaan Allah. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan.
    Kami sekeluarga mendoakan kejayaan en Zahariz dalam pengembaraan..
    Dari Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia.

  4. “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”
    “Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds”

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  6. That water fall is for real? Its really beautiful…subhanallah…airnya putih jernih… I wish i could go there somewhere near future maybe…hehe

  7. Beautiful indeed! I wish I can visit this place… Thank you Zahariz for your good article :)

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