Bosnia: The Country Life

A short interview on a man who live in a countryside in Cazin, northern part of Bosnia & Herzegovina… revealing the daily life in the countryside, rebuilding life 20 years after the Yugoslavia war. Out here, they value quality time more than money. They talk slower, the walk slower… really living the here and now…

Sorry for the bad audio since I didn’t plan to make film here in Bosnia, it was just coincidence. Didn’t take the audio recorder with me, no additional audio equipments, no extra rig for my camera… nothing, my camera was completely naked.

Filmed & edited by me
Music by Tony Anderson – Dwell (Snowfall Remix). Courtesy

14 Comments on “Bosnia: The Country Life

  1. Berbudi kepada tanah tidak sia-sia. Janji rajin, gigih, berilmu dan tidak putus asa. Nah! Tak lama hasilnya boleh dituai. Mudah-mudahan menjadi sumber inspirasi kepada pemilik tanah terbiar, Insya Allah.

  2. Excellent images, really a good job! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. Zahariz, boleh saya minta sesuatu? Saya nak tengok lebih banyak foto2 kehidupan harian di Bosnia. Nak tengok makanan harian, bunga-bunga liar di sekeliling kampung, buah-buahan yg ditanam di situ ( cherry. raspberry etc)…nak rasa lebih dekat dengan mereka…! Saya sukaaaaaa keindahan Negara Bosnia….!

  4. Bad audio? It’s still an amazing video. Such beautiful scenery of Bosnia…

  5. Salam. Liked reading your posts. Beautiful pictures, great adventures!

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  7. Selam
    I am from Cazin… thank you for visiting…
    the goodnes of people in this area overcomes all evils done in past, and we are ready to host all good people, no matter from where they come…
    Visit us and enjoy!

  8. Saya baru pulang dari Bosnia, Disember lepas. Masha-Allah, memang Allah kurniakan Bosnia dgn keindahan alam yg memukau, dengan sungai hijau birunya sepanjang jalan.

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