A Video Postcard: Bosnia & Herzegovina

A short video postcard showcasing the beautiful landscape of Bosnia & Herzegovina under the magical light during my 2 weeks visit in the country on March 2015. Never expected there are such beautiful landscapes in the country

Without any proper plan, I arrived Sarajevo, rented a car and drove around the country. The video was shot under the magical light in Sarajevo, Mostar, Jajce, Bihac, Cazin and many more.

Filmed on raw mode with Canon 5D Mark3.
Filmed & Edited by me.
Music: Braveness by Styve Bolduc (courtesy of premiumbeat.com)

16 Comments on “A Video Postcard: Bosnia & Herzegovina

  1. Congrat Zahari. Reading your story always motivate me to face my challenging life. .looking forward to read more of your adventures

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  3. Zahariz, alangkah baiknya jika diselitkan 1-2 imej selfiie anda dalam futej ini…. Anyway, it was a great job !. Can’t wait for more of your adventures; your videos, photos and your stories especially in these part of the world…The Balkan.

  4. I absolutely love yr solo travel videos. I first saw it on Suria channel. The places you have been to n the sights you have behold are but only wishes n dreams to me.
    Keep doing what you do n remember you are doing a great justice for bringing the world closer to us who are not able to travel.

  5. Dear Zahriz,

    Thank you for promoting our country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We hope to see you on another occasion again in Bosnia.

    All the best.

    Sarajevo Funky Tours

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