Happy Nomads – Discover Nomadic Life

I would like to share a short video I shot and edited during my stay in a yurt in HappyNomads in Karakol. It was a great stay and the Kyrgyz family here treated me not like a stranger but like I’m one of their own. Big thanks to these kind people for their hospitality. Do visit their website, www.happynomads.info

Kyrgyz people in the ancient times lived closely by the four elements of nature… earth, water, fire and wind. For them, being close to these four elements will give them happiness. They still hold the tradition to this day, living in a bozui (Kyrgyz yurts) to keep them close to the mother nature. Visiting the Kyrgyz bozui is a must when coming to Kyrgyzstan to experience their nomadic way of life and the Kyrgyz hospitality

Filmed & edited entirely by me
Music by Ordo Sahna – Omur

2 Comments on “Happy Nomads – Discover Nomadic Life

  1. I will take all my travelling tips from you. If you ever happen to be visiting Delhi just give me a holler ! :D

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