Morning Routine: Packing The Horses

One of the thing that I hate the most about travelling with my horses is packing the horse in the morning. took me more than 1/2 hour to uninstall all the ropes, tie the saddles, check the horse shoes, carry the heavy luggage to the horse etc. much harder than packing my stuffs on my bicycle. at least bicycle doesnt move… but horses are living creatures… they move a lot. but now my horses are like my own family… my brothers. we understand each other… a good experience.

5 Comments on “Morning Routine: Packing The Horses

  1. Hahahaha……………….dua ekor kuda tu sebagai anggota keluarga, adalah kawan untuk berbual, takle lonely sangat Saudara Zahariz. Gosok-gosok bawah dagunya tentu keduanya suka. Pengalaman yang sangat menarik. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah SWT dan selamat mengembara.

  2. Salam Zaharis. Impress dan suka sangat dengan visual-visual yang dirakamkan. Its a real travel log documentary. Keep it up. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan awak ketika mengembara. Salam dari Malaysia.

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