The Picturesque Tiger’s Nest Temple

Once I exited the main door at the airport, I was greeted by my guides that will accompany me while I’m in Bhutan. Each tourist group visiting Bhutan will be assigned by a guide. In my case, I’m alone in the group. There are 2 guys from DrukAsia that will company me, Lhawang who is my trekking guide and Tshiring who is my driver. I’m not used to it, I dont feel comfortable having people carrying my stuffs for me and even open the car door for me as in I’m a very important guy. Sometimes I even said sorry that they have to carry my heavy stuffs for me but these guides really want me to experience the Bhutanese hospitality. Guess I need to get used to this…


random street seller in Taksang

I took a day rest in the hotel near Paro on my first day. After lunch I went for a short walk with Lhawang watching the awesome archery game in Paro near my hotel. Bhutanese are one of the best archers. My hotel in Paro is really a luxurious one and its too spacious for only one man. The facilities are very modern with traditional architecture… lovely combination. I felt relaxed staying here after a harsh day of flying. I always hate flying, since I’m travelling with a bicycle, its always a hassle to bring a bicycle into a flight…


Bhutanese horse near Taksang


The next day I trekked to the infamous Tiger’s Nest Temple in Upper Taktsang valley near Paro. I was accompanied by Tshiring the driver… since Lhawang had to get back to Paro to settle some stuffs. The weather is surprising hot but dry and the trek was quite easy but steep. We started trekking from the base at around 2200m and climbed up to about 3000m to reach the temple. Even when we started from the base, I could see the temple beautifully nested along the rocky cliff. Such a beautiful view…


Tshiring, a devout Buddhist doing his offering


Tshiring doing offering overlooking the temple

Most trekkers I met along the way were Indian tourists and some European and even some Singaporeans. The trek takes about an hour or more depending on our fitness level. There is also a small cafe near the top where we had our lunch. The view is already superb from the cafe. After about an hour taking lunch break, Tshiring and me trekked all the way to the view point, where the temple was revealed among the trees like magic. I stopped a while like a statue when I got to see the temple from the viewpoint for the first time. I was totally awed… this is the same view I’ve been watching for years from travel magazines and the Internet and time time I managed to see it with my own 2 eyes while standing at the viewpoint.


horses along the trek to the Tiger’s Nest temple



one of Bhutanese guide in Taksang… always smiling

It was still early so we walked all the way and went inside the temple. It looks almost similar to Tibetan temples. We then stayed until sunset when most tourists left and the place suddenly became very quiet and peaceful. I then took my tripod and set my camera to film the timelapse of this amazing view of the Tiger’s nest.


26 Comments on “The Picturesque Tiger’s Nest Temple

  1. That second last photo… reminds me of the comic book read during high school. He’s about to do some serious damage! Great photo and enjoy your trip :)

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  5. I just love the pictures. Absolutely stunning! I have been to Bhutan and your pictures make me nostalgic.

  6. well I loved this post especially the pictures. I agree on the issue of someone carrying your stuff it is kinda weird. Your photography is on point.

  7. It’s so amazing, I just wrote about Bhutan in our print magazine. How lovely is the fact that the people voted against a traffic light cause they wanted their police officer back to regulate traffic?

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