A Break from a Physical Journey, Into A Journey of Another Realm

Due to the monsoon season in the Himalaya, I decided to take a break from the long journey which the ending is unknown to me. The Himalaya was covered by thick clouds and the rain was pouring endlessly. So I escaped the sadness of the Himalayan weather and flew to a small European country called Slovenia to catch the happy, sunny and blue sky. As usual, I have no plan at all when I crossed into the European continent. All I know is that I should keep moving and keep getting the unexpected experiences, life experience that is valuable to me, let it be good or bad. Things can be good or bad or both, depending on which angle we look at it… its all relative, nothing absolute…


Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia


Logar Valley, northern Slovenia


camping near Logar Valley

I realized that since the past few years, my writing style has changed a lot since I wrote the first entry of this blog, back in May 2010 when I started the first chapter of my life as a nomad… when I was back in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China. Now I no longer described what I saw or what I did or where I go. At first I was amazed by each places that I’ve been but after a while, I became more fascinated on where my mind travelled in the world of my imagination while my body is travelling in this world. So lately I described a lot about flashing back stories or where does my mind flies when my physical body is travelling to specific places. So this is exactly what Im going to do with this post, whatever I will write here has nothing to do with the images I shared here, since the images here only represents where my physical body was but what I will write here is where my mind travelled…


lake Bled


Logar Valley


villages & farms around Ljubljana

Its true that the deeper we think about something, the more we dont understand it. Its just like how the scientists trying to understand existence by coming up with different theories all the time. We are at the stage where we are cutting something that we cannot see. We were cutting atoms, neutrons and now trying with the quarks. And now we are discussing one dimension object called strings which results in string theory but still… we are lost… even further… everything just dont make sense in the nano world. Everything dont make sense when we are trying to understand them deeper. So that is the case with me when Im trying to understand even myself. At some point I have no idea why my life is such a complicated one. Why I cant just be content with a normal life. Then at another point I realized, I wanted it myself, deep inside my heart. I had many chances to live a normal life but I didnt take any of them. I chose the complicated one myself, its a difficult road but somehow I enjoy it.


lake Bohinj



I remember at one point of my life, I was planning to forge a fake Canadian passport and try to travel the world with it just for fun… for a long time without getting caught. At another point of my life, I wanted to gamble with my life and go into the warzone in the desert of Mali and live with the Tuareg fighters and experience life from their fearless eyes. Instead of having the ambition of becoming a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, I was having a sweet dream about smuggling diamonds in Africa and try to sell it somewhere and become rich with it. I thought I just love the risk, love taking the necessary risk to gain an extraordinary experience that would satisfy my soul. Every soul is different and for me, I felt that is the only way for me to feel alive… and there is no other way. I once believed that if I live a normal life, Im as good as dead. That was probably my past but there is a problem… I still believe it now, right now at the time of writing this entry. And Im always ready to mess things up… to make things difficult and complicated then I would try to solve it… while enjoying the whole process of jumping into a problem and then solving it. Like I mentioned earlier, the more we think about something, the more we dont understand it. I never stop thinking why all these need to happen, why I have this characteristic and the bigger question, what is the purpose of this characteristic that is stucked inside me and what is the purpose of this all?




These past few months since my last stop in Kathmandu, I was popping up here and there on the world grid, to solve some personal matter. It was difficult but I enjoyed it somehow… tired but still smiling. God doesnt play with dice and I believe wholeheartedly in the notion that nothing is random. And that doesnt stop only on each event in our daily life but also our choices and our ideas. There is no random why we choose something… and there is also no random why an idea suddenly pop up in our mind, whether we execute it or not. It all contributes to the cause and effect, to each event that happens since the beginning of space and time during the big bang all the way to right now while the clock is ticking at this very second… and goes all the way to the unseen future. From there, there is no such thing as good or bad choice, or good or bad idea… everything is in motion. Whether its good or bad depends on how we perceive it. The mastermind of the universe has planned it all. We are here in this world not to make a choice… but to understand why we make that choice…






28 Comments on “A Break from a Physical Journey, Into A Journey of Another Realm

  1. This was a really interesting read, I guess we all eager for something exciting and dangerous, but most of us won’t be able to leave the comfort of your safety nets.
    I really enjoyed these pictures, they look amazing!

  2. great thinkin & fantabulous picts bro..

    ..c’est la vie (thats life) it circles within the framework of ..to be or not to be…or to do or not to do…

    ..mmmm ..

  3. I understand. I’ve never had a conventional life, never wanted it, wanted something as far from it as I could get. My life was always about the inner journey – what am I?, what’s the truth?, and I’m no closer to finding an answer now than I was thirty years ago – deeper and deeper into nothing. We are experience junkies I think.
    Your photographs are beautiful.

  4. These photographs are breathtakingly beautiful as your thoughts….
    Traveling physically to far off places and traveling out of our comfort zones and conventional life makes us wise…
    God does not play with dice and nothing is random are gems you gave me today to think…
    To push myself up in this topsy turvy world…
    It really served as a check For me and all of us reading your writings about what exactly we want from our lives and what exactly we do and then what exactly life gives us and what exactly we ought to do and then what exactly life unfolds before us!!
    Thank you

  5. Great pictures and inspiring thoughts.
    Kun Fayakun. Don’t loose yourself in the maze of your thoughts.

  6. You do what others can only wish they could do. You share and through your experience and sharing you make the dreams of others come true. We learn from you that for a homeless, the whole whole is home, and we understand its implication. For me that’s enough reason for your wandering self and mind. May Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla keep you safe. Ameen.

  7. Enjoyed reading and watching the pictures that you posted here. Keep it up and continue to share the good work Zahariz. Will alway pray for your safety wherever you are.

  8. Subhanallah….amazing views. Thank you for capturing such beautiful sceneries….
    “Nikmat mana satukah yg hendak didustakan?….”
    Keep on posting great pics Zahariz..semoga anda sentiasa dibwh limpahan rahmatNya.

  9. Thank you Zahariz. Really touched with this post.

    Semoga sentiasa sihat dan teruskan bermusafir melihat dunia ciptaan Allah. Sedalam mana kita fikir sebagai manusia, yakinlah Allah lah jua pencipta Kita dan Dunia (Alam ini).

    Keep on post inspiring post!

  10. I don’t know you, and thanks to JoJo Bean, I am looking at this earth in its various colours and how perfect her beauty is through your eyes. Allah swt has given you a great gift of identifying beauty and appreciating nature. From the various comments I gather that you are a Muslim, Alhamdulillah, and I wish you blessing of His grace.
    You have done what very few well known and recognized journalists have been able to do. Your words are powerful and I am so happy to make your acquaintance.
    Thank you JoJo Bean.

  11. Cerita-cerita, gambar-gambar semuanya buat hari saya rasa tenang…rasa macam nak travel macam ni jugak…

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  13. Subhanallah Alhamdulillah, Terima kasih atas gambar-gambar yang indah dan berkongsi pengalaman dengan semua. Syukur atas segala nikmat kurniaan Yang Maha Pencipta (Alam ini),

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