Photo Gallery – Sweden

I rode through the snow-covered Swedish forest for some 1600km, crossing the Arctic Circle in the Swedish Lapland in the middle of the dark winter. I survived the harsh long winter in the Swedish Arctic, being mostly outdoor, exposing myself constantly on the extreme cold down to -30 celcius, sleeping in the forest under the tree and spending at least 6 hours a day on the road. I fell inside a frozen river once and almost get killed by blizzard in the arctic tundra. But I have no regret doing this. I was blessed with the breathtaking view and I was treated by the Swedish people not like a tourist… but like I’m one of their own.

5 Comments on “Photo Gallery – Sweden

  1. saya bangga dengan u Zahariz ……welcome back to Malaysia menjelajah pedalaman pedalaman Malaysia pula …..

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