Photo Gallery – Aurora Borealis

Its been long that I dreamed to witness this magical phenomena with my own 2 eyes. I then chose the hard way to see this, riding bicycle for thousands of kilometers through the harsh winter crossing the Arctic. Had a few near death experience, almost got hit by a trailer inside a dark tunnel, almost killed by blizzard in the tundra and fell inside a frozen river in the middle of nowhere when there were no one around to rescue me. But whenever I see this magical lights dancing all over the vast night sky, I never regret what I went through. I actually glad to have all these experiences. Sometimes I almost cried when I witness this once in a lifetime phenomena. Its soo beautiful, I feel like Im standing inside a Hollywood studio set for some fantasy movie. The universe is sooo mysterious and full of secrets… we are small

10 Comments on “Photo Gallery – Aurora Borealis

  1. Masya Allah..Allahu Akbar..bertuahnya Tuan mempunyai kekuatan fizikal dan semangat yang kental untuk sampai ke sini dengan gemilang dapat melihat sendiri keindahan alam dan kebesaran serta keagungan ciptaanNya.

  2. I almost teared in this episode too when it was aired in a Singapore channel n ended last week.So awesome to find yr journal here (via ig).Surreal journey you had there.The northern lights are simply magical…you’re so fortunate!

  3. Episod ni yg mmg buat saya terpegun seketika depan television.subhanallah..rezeki saudara dpt melihat keindahan di depan mata..

  4. your chosen path as an intrepid traveler is very inspiring. i share the same awe as you as my friends and i were in magical Iceland in 2015 and saw the northern lights…so surreal indeed!

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