Diary Of A Traveller


While being stucked in Xi’an for almost 2 weeks, I spent 2 days in the mountain of Hua Shan, about 130km east of Xi’an. Huashan is a mountain that I always wanted to climb since many years ago, after I saw the pictures of it from a friend who went there almost 10 years ago. Even looking from the picture, I could sense that this place is magical. It’s a special mountain,… Read More

My ride here in China is not as smooth as chocolate as I would imagine. My Chinese visa is now dictating my ride here in China. I tried to extend my visa while I was in Hohhot, and the officer there told me its better if I do it in Xi’an, better chance there. So I took a bus from Hohhot to Xi’an. Getting myself inside the bus is difficult, since I… Read More

Spending a few days in Hohhot was amazing. For the first time since I crossed into China from Zamyn Uud of Mongolia, I finally found a local who can speak good English, who owns a small nice cheap hostel in the middle of Hohhot city. Hohhot is almost the size of KL, a city with a population of 3 million people, bad traffic and easy for me to get lost since I’m… Read More

Once I crossed into China, my ride becomes much faster thanks to the good road. I had a very good tail wind and I rode about 140km in only under 7 hours without producing much sweat. But good things like this doesn’t happen everyday. After I had a 2 days rest in Sonid Youqi, the wind blew from the southwest, directly towards my face. And my ride towards Hohhot in the southwest… Read More

After fighting the storm crossing the vast Gobi Desert… I finally made it to Zamyn Uud, the last town for me in Mongolia before crossing into China. My heart was filled with sorrow when I reached this last town in Mongolia for me. After 2 months, I finally was leaving the country. I kept admiring at each Mongolian gers that I could catch on my eyes, each Mongolian faces and took deep… Read More