Diary Of A Traveller


Spending a few days in Hohhot was amazing. For the first time since I crossed into China from Zamyn Uud of Mongolia, I finally found a local who can speak good English, who owns a small nice cheap hostel in the middle of Hohhot city. Hohhot is almost the size of KL, a city with a population of 3 million people, bad traffic and easy for me to get lost since I’m… Read More

Once I crossed into China, my ride becomes much faster thanks to the good road. I had a very good tail wind and I rode about 140km in only under 7 hours without producing much sweat. But good things like this doesn’t happen everyday. After I had a 2 days rest in Sonid Youqi, the wind blew from the southwest, directly towards my face. And my ride towards Hohhot in the southwest… Read More