Diary Of A Traveller


After I ended my solo adventure on horses crossing the Tien Shan in the middle of summer, I went back to Bishkek for a few days to welcome 2 young adventurers from Malaysia. A year living in Kyrgyzstan, I became familiar with the mountains, so sometimes I became a guide for tourists from all over the world who want to explore the Kyrgyz mountains. I then had the idea to welcome tourists… Read More

I recently got my new drone Phantom 3 Professional. Its an awesome drone,┬áso easy to operate and very smooth and stable. No additional stabilization done in post. I was amazed with such a small camera (smaller than gopro) but it takes amazing 4k video. Really hope that they will record on ProRes instead of h.264 on their upcoming version. And no Im not tied/sponsored by any specific brand, Im a free man… Read More

Staying a while and taking a good rest in Kochkor was great. Strangers became friends… and friends finally became closer like a family. People in Ormon Han village greeted me and fed me well with their traditional Kyrgyz food. They knew that I was tired after travelling for many days with two horses all the way from Karakol. They filled my stomach with kymyz. Drinking horse milk makes me stronger… and I… Read More