Diary Of A Traveller


I spent 2 nights camping at about 4100m altitude, having a good time acclimatizing and getting used to the thinner air. I started to feel dizzy at first, slightly lack of appetite but watching my Bhutanese friends eat, it motivates me to eat as much as I can. I just couldnt believe watching them eat, how does such a small tummy store too much food. I had difficulty sleeping on the first… Read More

Staying a while and taking a good rest in Kochkor was great. Strangers became friends… and friends finally became closer like a family. People in Ormon Han village greeted me and fed me well with their traditional Kyrgyz food. They knew that I was tired after travelling for many days with two horses all the way from Karakol. They filled my stomach with kymyz. Drinking horse milk makes me stronger… and I… Read More

Khovsgol Nuur… the largest lake by volume and second largest by size in Mongolia (the first is the Uvs Lake near Kazakh border), is sitting in the northern part of Mongolia close to the border of Siberia, also the younger sister of the Baikal Lake, not far from it. The water is fresh for drinking without the need of filtering but too bad its still frozen due to the harsh winter. You… Read More