Diary Of A Traveller


Some clips I shot during my journey to the Everest Basecamp October 2016. Took me almost a whole month to trek the Everest basecamp where I started cycling right from my hotel in Kathmandu all the way to Ghurmi. I tried to push my bicycle towards Phaplu but it was too difficult. So I took the bus Okhaldunga then a jeep to Phaplu. In Phaplu, the Sherpas were helping me to get… Read More

A wise man once told me… nothing in this life is coincidence, nothing is random, even when shuffling cards or throwing a dice. We always thought that throwing a dice is random simply because we dont control the force. We human are so weak that we cant even control our force precisely. But to think it over, when we throw a dice and it ends up at number 6, is no coincidence…. Read More

Khatgal is my last cycling point in the north of Mongolia. After exploring the forest on the western shore of Khovsgol Nuur, I then cycled back to Khatgal and took a truck back to Moron and left my bicycle there in a guesthouse in Moron. Time is running out for me, visa restriction seems to dictate my path. I only have a few weeks left before I should leave Mongolia and I… Read More