Diary Of A Traveller


After I completed my short journey through the Tien Shan Mountains on my ski and snowshoes, I took a few days rest in Karakol, editing my film and writing my diary… putting my thoughts and all the things I experienced during the journey on paper… while they were still fresh in my mind. I then rushed back to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan to purchase a flight ticket out of Kyrgyzstan since… Read More

Tsetserleg was the last point on my ride towards the west fighting the wind. I then turned north… making my way towards Khovsgol, north of Mongolia bordering with Siberia. It was a tough ride through mountains, I climbed a few mountainpasses each day but at least the wind was with me. I passed by a few small villages that I don’t even know the existence of it, nowhere I found it on… Read More

Cycling in Mongolia is easy to do if you start from the west heading all the way to Ulaanbaatar. The wind will push you… making you fly with over 120km a day without a sweat. But not the other way round… It took me 2 days just to cover 120km from Karakorum to Tsetserleg. I started quite late in Karakorum, I started to cycle at around 11.45am… slowed down by the good… Read More

A short video of timelapse of Icelandic jawdropping landscape and some shots taken from my travelogue documentary, “Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah”. Ive traveled 2250km alone on bicycle across the stunning landscape of Iceland on paved roads, gravel and sandy roads. Between the ride, Ive hiked and climbed some mountains and volcanoes, tried to chase some Icelandic horses (failed, theyre way too fast!), eat and sleep! More stories & images on my blog,… Read More

After hours of battling against the strong headwind, I finally reached a small town called Hvollsvollur, with the population just around 800. The weather was pleasant, very sunny and clear blue sky, I find it very relaxing cycling under this weather, well, minus the headwind. Since I came from the rainforest of Malaysia, I love the sun, no matter how strong it shines. But Im afraid of the snow! Hehe… I then… Read More