Photo Gallery – Iceland

Spent 11 weeks in Iceland, exploring the whole country with nothing but my bicycle, pulling my 60kg luggage through 2350km. This land is very unique with its amazing landscapes of active volcanoes, glaciers and icebergs. I also witnessed the amazing phenomena of the Midnight Sun, where the sun never sets for a few days during summer, resulting in a unique sun movement. The sun touches the horizon for a few minutes during sunset and rise again on sunrise a few minutes later. With its unique landscapes, sometimes I feel like Im riding in some other planet with oxygen! The amazing Land of Fire & Ice!

12 Comments on “Photo Gallery – Iceland

  1. Just discovered your blog, great reading. Wow “60kg luggage through 2350km” hats off to you! Great photos too. Keep’em coming!

  2. Hi there,
    I have just returned from Iceland, but only went for 4 days, but packed in so much in that time. It must have been fantastic to explore Iceland on a bicycle, the north west is supposed to be very barren i have been told. Like you I was totally impressed with the country, and like you say its like being on a different planet, infact Neil Armstrong practiced in Iceland in 1968 prior to going to the moon. Ive just started a blog on here and I am following you, your adventure looks so exciting. Thanks for sharing.

    Loraine x

  3. Hello Zahariz,
    I’m using this same theme, but having some difficulty making the About Me located on your Home Page. I know it’s a page not a post, but can you tell me what attributes, parent, and position you assigned to get it to appear. Also the size of your small photo would be helpful. I haven’t received an answer in the Adventure theme forum.

    My blog is

    We travel for ministry in Ghana West Africa and I’d like to make some photo Galleries like yours and add them to the top Navigation bar.
    This theme would be easier if they offered a more complete How to Sheet for us non-techy types.
    Safe travels.

  4. Pingback: Я уже пакую чемоданы! Невероятный закат у водопада Сельяландсфосс, Исландия

  5. Hi Zahariz,

    Saya Fadzir dari Kuala Lumpur. My friend and I are planning to visit Iceland by cycling tour.

    I saw your blog in Utusan, googled your name and found this blog. Very useful blog.

    We seek your advice regarding the cycling tour in Iceland. The main issue is to get the best time in Iceland. I noticed, it is very danger to do in winter. Which month would be the best time to be in Iceland? I have 3 weeks to travel in Iceland. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks

    • Hi Fadzir,
      Theres no best or good time but I think u guys maybe nak experience cycling on summer time maybe, since the day is long (basically no night at all end of June) for a few weeks. So probably u guys would choose May-Sept. Not really dangerous in winter, its just difficult but great if u guys nak enjoy the snowy condition with the northern lights. And best if u guys fly through UK and stop for a few days to get gears there… since gears in Iceland is super expensive… Gears in UK is so cheap… kalau from KL is also expensive bcoz we import everything plus not much choices. Hope that helps.. all the best!

      • Thanks for the info. Amat2 membantu.

  6. Assalamualaikum… i really want to thank to you because when i look all the picture that you had share it really can get me rid from stress that the paper i will take tomorrow for my mid year exam. So, thanks again for the share and it also can make me know more about what Allah had gave for the human in this world. It so amazing and wonderful scenery!!!

  7. Assalamualaikum Zahariz,
    Saya Nabil dari Alor Setar Kedah ingin bertanya beberapa soalan berkenaan travelling by bike ni.Selalunya gears semua disewa ataupun dibeli sendiri.Saya pernah terbaca suatu komen di website ini ‘you should stop by and get your gears in UK’sebab di iceland mahal.
    Harap dapat berkongsi cara travelling like a nomad.
    How should I start and does it cost much.
    Currently studying in Japan,looking forward for this opportunity to travel while still young!

  8. Baru nak layan blog ni..selalu layan youtube…tidak keterlaluan saya boleh andaikan anda melayu hebat di zaman moden..tahniah tuan telah dapat menjelah dunia.yng mungkin orang lain tidak berkesempatan melaluinya

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